This Enfew blog post presents you top 12 free billing and invoicing extensions for Magento eCommerce platform. Check if any of them fits your project needs.

1. PAYONE Extension

PAYONE FinanceGate payment gateway for all german online and offline payment methods including PayPal, all major Credit Cards and Maestro.

2. Seamless Delete Order

Easy to delete order in backend seamlessly through the Action dropdown box on the native Order Manager.

3. Custom PDF Invoice Layout

Custom PDF Invoice Layout is used to customize the pdf layout by adding logo image of any size, header text

4. ASPerience DeleteOrders

In Magento, you can’t delete orders. This extension allows to delete selected sales orders, invoices, shipments and credit memos. Comments are also deleted, statistics and reports are updated.Sales orders must have status: « cancelled », « ended » or « closed ».

Warning: It’s preferable to delete only the testing orders during the development of your local website.You take risks if you delete Orders directly in your Website.

5. Tax code & Privacy

The extension adds in the registration form the fields for the input of tax code and for the aknowledgement of the notice on privacy; moreover, the extension adds the field for the tax code in the Billing InformationEdit section of the checkout form for guest users. The display mode of the fields can be setted in the Admin Panel (System > Configuration > Customer configuration > Name and Address Options). The tax code inserted by the user is displayed in the Account Information of the registered user profile, in the Order section in the Admin Panel and in the print version of the invoice and of the credit note.

6. One Pica AvaTax Connector

This extension integrates Magento with AvaTax, a tax service provided by Avalara. This will replace existing Magento-based, zipcode tax calculation with the more complex and centralized rules AvaTax provides.

7. Additional Product Information Into Sales Emails

With this module, you can define for each product an additional information that you would like to make it appears when a customer receive an email after to have create/update a new invoice/order/creditmemo. In this email will appear, in the place you decide to put it in the email, a list of products and for each product the additional comment about the product.

8. Tax by City

California Board Of Equalization does not recommend to determine the tax rate solely on a mailing address. The reason being that a post code may cross district boundaries. There are quite a few free tax calculators that are readily available. This module allows store owners to create tax rules based on shipping city.

9. Traxian Integrator for use with QuickBooks

Easy integration with QuickBooks (via the Traxian Network) or other systems using XML.

Traxian Integrator is a free module that posts your orders in real-time in an XML format. This enables easy order and customer and item integration with QuickBooks, using your free Traxian account (enabled by default). Free accounts support up to 10 transactions a month, with paid plans from $49/year.

10. Klarna payment module for CE 1.3

Klarna (former Kreditor) payment module for invoice and part payments. This module works with both invoice and part payments in Sweden, Finland and Denmark and in Norway with invoice. To use this module requires that you have a contract with Klarna.

11. Proportional Shipping Tax Calculation

This extension calculates the shipping Tax according to the Italian tax law proportionally to the existing tax rates in the shopping basket and applies them to the total tax amount.To activate go to: System -> Configuration -> Tax -> Proportional Shipping Tax Calculation

12. Invoicera Order and Invoice Integrator

Import your Magento Orders in real time into your Invoicera online billing software.

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