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18 Fresh 3DS MAX Lighting Tutorials & Tips

1. Vray exterior daylight tutorial

In this tutorial I will go through a simple, yet effective way to setup a lighting rig using 3ds max and vray.

2. 3D Studio Max- Basic Lighting

By Boblit (contact: [email protected]) Lighting is one of the most important aspects in 3D Studio Max. This tutorial will tell you the basics of lighting and how it affects your scene. This first picture is of a simple face rendered with one spot light facing it. There is no shadow and it looks pretty flat.

3. Vray Basic HDRI

Well got some time here, so a new tutorial, still basic stuff but for those know don’t know.

4. Vray Color bleeding

This time ill show you a couple ways to get rid of the color bleeding in Vray.
First of all what is color bleeding? well color bleeding is an effect of the GI bounches in vray so that the bounched light also bounches color. so for examples if you have a white room with an red floor. the whole scene would look redish.

5. V-Ray Tutorial – Studio Lighting (3ds Max)

In this tutorial i will tell you the method of studio lighting.
For the rendering i used Vray 1.5rc3, the latest version of the program.
This famous chair called “Corbusier” was modeled in 3ds max 9.
With the knowledge of this tutorial you will be able to present your models
in a more ambitious way than before.. and especially helpful for guys into 3d architectural modeling…… 😉

6. 3dsmax VRay Rendering Tutorial – Rendering with Sunlight

This tutorial explains how to set up sunlight and VRay light to light up a building’s interior.

7. Lighting with mental ray – 3dsmax Tutorial

On the F.D.A. gallery you can see a few examples of designs of our students who have used this technique.

Since our students need a effective way to display their concepts and ideas, our teachers have developed many tutorials in order to give them an additional tool that every designer should have. This tutorial explains all steps to illuminate an object with a technique which simulates the illumination techniques of a photo studio.

Before we begin it is very important to inform you that we will use “Mental Ray” as render engine (version 8 and 9 of 3D Studio Max).

Mental Ray is a very stable render engine and it allows you to have very realistic renderings. Since we are using Mental Ray for this tutorial it is very important to use “real dimensions” for all the objects that we have to create. Otherwise the result will not be realistic. It means that you have to go to CUSTOMIZE -> UNITS SETUP and choose the units that you want to use. In any case you should get used to create objects with their real dimensions so that you get a feeling for correct dimensions and proportions.

The first step to do is to create an “environment object” (it is similar to the rooms which are used in the professional field of photography) on which later we will place our object to illuminate (this is ideal for product/industrial design and furniture design).

8. Using VRay Global Illumination GI (Realistic Lighting)

This short tutorial on how to use VRay’s Global Illumination feature will show you one method for creating realistic looking lighting for a scene. VRay is a very powerful external render engine for Max made by Chaos Group. VRay has many features including the ability to to physically accurate full global illumination, advanced material shaders and enhancements for speeding up rendering time. You can check the Chaos Group website to learn more about the various VRay features.

9. Illumination Tutorial (3dsmax MentalRay)

This is one of my tutorials which I’ve written for my students at the Florence Design Academy ( This tutorial is about the illumination of a room, illuminated by sunlight coming through a window ( ideal for living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms ).

10. Caustic Rendering Tutorial with 3ds max 8

Caustics are really great light effects that you can observe in liquids, glass objects and gems. We are able to simulate this effect with 3D Studio Max perfectly. This tutorial about Caustics will work only if you enable “Mental Ray” ! (This tutorial was made in Max 8).

11. 3ds MAX Tutorial :: Advance Illumination in 3d Studio Max

CGIndia bring you quite Useful and Free tutorial for 3ds Max Users. The tutorials is created by CG Artist Mario Malagrino who shows us how to achive Advance Illumination in 3d Studio Max. If you like to share your knowledge with CG Community and have any tutorials, we will be glad to feature them on our website along with description about author and website link. Send your tutorials to [email protected]

12. Rendering yellow Ferrari

As you can see above, this is the final image. It took 15 mins to achieve this look with a dual Xeon 3.0 and 2 gb ram.

13. General tips about lighting in 3dsmax

Collection of great tips for newbie 3dsmax users

14. Mental Ray Lighting

In this beginner’s tutorial we’re going to illuminate a simple warehouse interior in 3ds Max. We’ll explore techniques to illuminate the interior through windows only. To keep things simple we’ll concentrate on lights that work with Final Gather and leave Global Illumination out of the discussion. I’m using 3ds Max 2011.

15. Lighting and Materials inside 3ds max by Giorgio Luciano, Italy

These video tutorials is created by artist Giorgio Luciano in 3ds max. These tutorials will throw light from basic settings of Lighting and Materials to final render. This approx. 1 hour series will help you in refining your skills. Giorgio live and dream in Genova and was born in 1975 (Gemini). Love art, reading, drawing and the smell of the place where live after the rain.

16. Rendering an exterior at night in 5 simple steps, using vray

In this tutorial I will go through all the steps that we usually do when I’m asked to do an “exterior night-rendering”.
In order to follow it you need to know the basics of 3ds max and vray.

17. Light and Render an Arch-Viz Style Outdoor Scene with V-Ray and 3ds Max

Apart from the default render engines that come with 3ds Max, several extra renderers are available. Of all the 3rd party renders on the market, however, V-Ray has proven time and time again to be the most popular. In this tutorial, you will be introduced to lighting and rendering an outdoor scene with V-Ray in 3DS Max.

This tutorial will walk you through the process of taking a finished model from it’s default rendered appearance, to a correctly set-up, and realistically lit final result. You will learn the basic V-Ray settings, that should always be set up for any scene, how to use a Gamma correct workflow, how to set lighting and global illumination settings, and how to optimize those settings. Note: This tutorial is meant to introduce a user, familiar with basic rendering in 3DS Max, to using V-Ray in a correct workflow. It will not teach you how to model the scene used in the images, as that is not our focus.

The software used will be 3DS Max 2009 together with V-Ray 1.5, but using another version of 3DS Max should not be a problem, although minor differences in settings might be necessary. You can download the project file from the following link if you would like to look at (or play with) the settings, but you will need to have the above mentioned software to open it.

18. Basic lights and shadows tutorial in 3ds max

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