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!!! Fanstastic strategic mind game !!!

Challenge your friend or play against cpu player to challenging board game. This is good fun for all ages and develop player strategic thinking. Game is also known as ”4 In A Line” and ”Connect 4”. Now it’s good time start to play this classic and well known game with your iPhone/iPad devices. Hopefully you will engoy this game as much I did. 🙂

[ features ]

+ support iOS7
+ 1-player mode (human vs cpu)
+ 2-player mode (human vs human)
+ 3 difficulty levels (easy, normal, hard)
+ great game statistics
+ cool graphics and sound effects
+ great animation
+ easy rules
+ great for kids too

[ game rules ]

+ each turn player drops one of his peaces down any of the slots that are not filled
+ the game contiues until one of the two players gets four pieces in a row. The four in a row can be horizontal, vertical or dianogal direction.
+ the first player that get four in a row wins.
+ if the board filled with peaces and neither player has four in a row, then game is a draw.

[ more games ]

We have also made other awesome games, so type ”codecube brothers” to itunes search field and you can find our other games, which are already available in the appstore! We hope you like our games! 🙂

[ feedback ]

We can’t answer messages that are written on reviews, so please send your feedback, wishes and bug reports to us support [at] ccbrothers [dot] com

Thank you for your support!

By CodeCube Brothers Partnership

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