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Have fun mixing faces together!
Have you ever wanted to get the look of a celebrity?
Or to see what two of your friends mixed together would look like?

FaceFusion does it automagically!

– More than 7 million users –

This is the perfect app for a party, with your family or at work: take pictures of your friends and watch them combined! They will freak out!

You can add your own photos (using the + icon) and mix them together. When you upgrade to the Full version, the ads are removed.

– Tons of fun.
– Automatic, high-quality process.
– Face library with all your photos, available to try out new mixes.
– Result sharing using Facebook, or by e-mail, you name it…

For best results, make sure to use front-facing photos, with no expression and good lighting conditions.

How to use a celebrity’s face:
– Use Safari and find a nice photo of the celebrity you want (front-facing).
– Save the photo to your Camera Roll (tap and hold on the photo).
– Go to FaceFusion, tap ‘+’ in the Face Library and tap the ‘Camera Roll’ button to load the previously saved photo.
– Done! The celebrity is now part of your library.

WARNING: Extremely hilarious, sometimes a bit creepy!


By Moment Media, LLC

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