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Game rule is simple, you are destroying dropping lines by touching same colored button than the lowest line in the field. This game is surprisingly challenging, fun and addictive. Best game to test how sharp your mind is. Remember to try few times before you really compare your results to others.

Something to compare with:

[ 260 ] Beyond this world
[ 240 ] Awesome result
[ 220 ] Great result
[ 200 ] Above normal
[ 180 ] Normal
[ 160 ] Below normal
[ 140 ] Not good
[ 120 ] This can’t be good
[ 100 ] Bad result
[ 80 ] Okay, it’s really bad
[ 50 ] Brains are frozen


We have also made other great games, so type “Codecube Brothers” to itunes search field and you can find our other games, which are already available in the appstore! Happy gaming! 🙂


We can’t answer messages that are written on reviews, so please send your feedback, wishes and bug reports to us support [at] ccbrothers [dot] com.

Thanks for your support 🙂

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