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BlueBand™ was developed and designed by jamming musicians with over 40 years of playing experience. This application allows creating and managing song lists, creating and managing song lyrics and chords, and sharing song lists and chord sheets with other musicians using Wifi or Bluetooth or Dropbox.

Now you can keep all of your song list and chord sheets on your iPhone or iPad. When you get to a session, you can automatically share selected songs or songs lists with anyone else running BlueBand, using local WiFi. If you are practicing a song, and also have it in your iTunes library, you can control the song playback (Play, Pause, Backup 10 seconds, Rewind) without leaving the chord sheet/lyric sheet.

If you play an instrument in a band – like guitar, bass, or keyboards, or sing, this is a must have application. Stop dragging around stacks of soggy napkins with chords, or dog-earred lyrics that you can never find (or read in the dark). Now they can all be kept in your pocket, and available at any time.

Key Features:
– Private Web Browser for finding and grabbing publicly posted chords and lyrics.
– Key change (songs with chords)
– Integrated with Media player
– Import from media Library
– AirPrint
– Live exchange of lists using wifi/internet
– Supports iPhone, iPad
– Mail out or Print lists
– Download list from URL
– Copy/Paste from web page

BlueBand is a music productivity tool (like notepad or word or excel), designed for musicians, and does not provide content (songs, lyrics, chords) . Content is easily created or imported from many other sources.

By KTopits

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