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This app includes a tab for bible pictures with optional Narration:

the birth of Jesus Christ,
his association with John the Baptist
teachings of Jesus
miracles performed by Jesus,
the Last Supper
the Passion in the Garden of Gethsemane
the arrest of Jesus
Peter denies Jesus three times
Jesus is questioned by Caiaphas, the Chief Priest
Jesus is questioned by Pilate
Jesus is questioned by Herod
Jesus is flogged with a lead tipped whip
Jesus is crucified,
Rises from the dead,
and Ascends into heaven.

This app also contains a long quiz for each of the four Gospels. It keeps track of the percent of answers that are correct for each of the Gospels.

This app has a tab to repeat the questions that you got wrong.

It has another tab to start over all of the Gospels and pictures.

If you end a session, it will start from where you left off.


Father Gerard Plant, Associate Pastor,
St. Monica’s Parish, Ottawa, Canada
– App Design

Constance Carlotti,
– Gospel Questions and Answers
– Narration of Pictures

Brian Derrah
– Recommendation

Jim Jaffey,
– Gospel Questions and Answers
– Narration of Pictures
– programming

By James Jaffey

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