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Easily keep track of your child’s baseball/softball scores. Customize teams names. Automatically changes to the bottom or top of the inning after third out is tapped. Reset the scores with a simple tap. This is not a stat keeper app. It just keeps score for those that want to keep it simple and not worry about balls, strikes, hits, errors, etc.

This version design is for the iPad!!! iPhone and iPod users should get the non-iPad version.

Coded using Xcode 6.1 and Swift. Compatible with iOS 7 and 8!!!

* Custom Teams Names – Enter any name you want!
* Save your scores and keep them for as long as you want in the log
* Remove a score from the log by swiping right to left
* Remove all scores from the log to start over
* Confirmation screen before all records removed from log
* Confirmation screen before resetting to a new game
* After 3rd out tapped, inning will change to bottom half of inning OR automatically go to top of next inning
* Ability to correct scores, innings, and outs in case you tap incorrectly

By Daddydahc Apps

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