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Alkitab Indonesia Bible for free download. Alkitab will take you to God’s world. This bible is full with the holy word of God.
Alkitab will help you to close in God with bible for read and listen in the app that create for any user.
– Bible to read will help you to close in God’s word, although you’re offline the internet. This version has fixed for use in church with silent event.
– Bible for listen will help you to close in God’s word when you online the internet. This version can make you feel joyful in God’s word with great sound and the best music. Moreover, this app will help you to use by do not disturb others in church.

How to use Alkitab Indonesia Bible for free download.
In the application Alkitab Indonesia Bible for free download have a section clearly of the books of the Old testament, New testament and All testament 66 sections. You can choose to read or listen by yourself and share the word, phrase or books that you like with your friend on social media as well such as Disse pure: ‘’Dal cuore vengono malvagi ragionamenti, assassinii, adultèri, fornicazioni, furti, false testimonianze, bestemmie”. -Indonesian version
Cause in our life should hear a good thing to do the right thing. The Alkitab Indonesia Bible will help you to use your life have meaning of God and others.

The books of the Old Testament have 39 books:
Gn [1] Genesis
Ex [2] Exodus
Lv [3] Leviticus
Nm [4] Numbers
Dt [5] Deuteronomy
Js [6] Joshua
Jg* [7] Judges
Rt [8] Ruth
1 Sm [9] 1 Samuel
2 Sm [10] 2 Samuel
1Kn [11] 1 Kings
2Kn [12] 2 Kings
1Ch [13] 1 Chronicles
2Ch [14] 2 Chronicles
Ez [15] Ezra
Nh [16] Nehemiah
Es [17] Esther
Jb [18] Job
Ps [19] Psalms
Pr [20] Proverbs
Ec [21] Ecclesiastes
Sn [22] The Song of Solomon
Is [23] Isaiah
Jr [24] Jeremiah
Lm [25] Lamentations
Ek*[26] Ezekiel
Dn [27] Daniel
Hs [28] Hosea
Jl [29] Joel
Am [30] Amos
Ob [31] Obadiah
Jn [32] Jonah
Mc [33] Micah
Na*[34] Nahum
Hk*[35] Habakkuk
Zp [36] Zephaniah
Hg [37] Haggai
Zc [38] Zechariah
Ml [39] Malachi

The books of the New Testament have 27 books:
Mt [40] Matthew
Mr [41] Mark
Lk [42] Luke
Jh [43] John
Ac [44] Acts
Rm [45] Romans
1Cr [46]1 Corinthians
2Cr [47] 2 Corinthians
Gl [48] Galatians
Ep [49] Ephesians
Ph [50] Philippians
Cl [51] Colossians
1Th [52]1 Thessalonians
2Th [53] 2 Thessalonians
1Tm [54]1 Timothy
2Tm [55] 2 Timothy
Tt [56] Titus
Pl* [57] Philemon
Hb [58] Hebrews
Jm [59] James
1Pt [60]1 Peter
2Pt [61]2 Peter
1Jh [62] 1 John
2Jh [63] 2 John
3Jh [64] 3 John
Jd [65] Jude
Rv [66] Revelation

By Saowaluk Sasirattanapreeda

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