1. Kick Ass

Turn any webpage into an Asteroids-style shooting game!

After first installing the extension, pages will have to be reloaded for it to work. The extension button will remain disabled until this has been done.

NOTE: I have only, with permission, converted the original Kick Ass bookmarklet into an extension; all credit for the actual game script belongs to Erik Rothoff Andersson, the creator of Kick Ass.

2. Browser-Pong

You do not need to explain the rules of the game. Just press start and play. Arrows move up or down.

3. Space Invaders

Space Invaders on Opera. popular SPACE INVADERS games at any one time with one click

4. Snakey

Use the keyboard arrow keys to control the snake. Eat the specified amount of cherries to advance to the next level, without slithering into yourself or a wall. The speed and length of the snake will increase with every cherry eaten. The game ends when you have used up all your lives, or when you finish all levels. Have fun!


Play SAMEGAME in OPERA! Find and click groups of blocks with the same color. Are you able to finish the game with no block left? – try 🙂

6. AutoCard_MTG

Shows image of the Magic card upon mouseover of a link with the card’s name.

When you move the mouse over a card’s name at major Magic sites, the card’s picture will appear.
Works for the most popular Magic sites, such as wizards.com, magicthegathering.com, gatherer, mtgsalvation, crystalkeep, and whatever is included at the top.

7. Tetris

To use the functions “Grid On ” or “Special” press after selecting “New Game “. You can move the block by default, use the arrow keys or the keys: rotate = I or S, J = Left, Right = L, Down = K. Have fun!

8. Solitaire

Play solitaire in OPERA!

Javascript solitaire game by Juan Mellado – I (acristo) have only created extension for opera, so you could play this game in your favourite web browser 😉

9. 6th Floor

The Official 6th Floor’s Website widget, with shortcuts and links to the site.

This is the official 6th Floor’s website widget: it includes some useful links, and our search engine. By clicking the icon in the bar, you will be able to select where do you want to go. You can, this way, be connected all the time with the website and open it without the need of writing anything in the URL bar!

Soon, the widget will be integrated deeply with other areas of the site.

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