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9 Best Tag Cloud Extensions For Joomla

1. JCloud

JCloud is a simple Joomla! 1.5 native module that displays a “tag cloud” composed of keywords used in the Metadata Information panel of a site’s articles, links each keyword to the core Joomla! search page, and sizes each link based on its density! Features include:

2. Joomulus

Joomulus is a flash based tag cloud for Joomla  At the Advanced Parameters you manually enter your desired Tag, Link and Font Size. The module creates a tag cloud in flash – and also a search engine friendly tag cloud that Google and other engines can index – the SEO tag cloud only shows to your users if they do not have flash installed.

3. SearchTag

SearchTag plugin will extract content meta keywords as”tag”; and show the keywords at the bottom of the article, separated by “,”. However, the tag is not really tag, it will use joomla default search component(com_search) to search articles that contain the keyword.

4. Labels

Labels is an innovative tool that allows you to categorize and group content in a way that is friendly to both people browsing and administering your Joomla! site. Like standard tags, labels allow people who visit your site to easily find the content they want by looking through the labels you have set up.

5. Tag

A real free tag system for Joomla.

Front end features:

* Show tags at the bottom of each article.

* Tag list view

* Tag blog view

* Most popular tags.

* Most hits tags.

* Latest tags.

* SEF support, compatible with sh404SEF,ARTIO JoomSEF,AceSEF

* XMap Plugin

* Language file support

* Add/Edit tags

* Compatible with JoomlFish

* Search plugin.

6. Rafcloud

Raf Cloud (component and module) generates a tag cloud of most used words and metakeys of your site.
By clicking on one of the words / tags, you are redirected to the search page with results for this tag. This is great for search engine rankings (Google, Yahoo, MSN).

7. JTags

The general project idea is to enable users inserting specific labels to tag any Joomla! content. Some time ago I was browsing some site and looked for articles related to “iPhone”. Unfortunately I was forced to browse every page and stare at text just focused to find requested label. I guess many of you was at the similar situation, so you know how it is tiring and frustrating. If only I could just select/type “iPhone” tag, I would find requested articles just in eye blink.

8. BasicTags

Basic Tags is a no-frills, functional, article tagging implementation.

Why would you want to use a basic tagging implementation when there are so many robust tagging extensions already on the Joomla market? Because Joomla BasicTags is simple, uncluttered and easy!

Borrowing from a less-is-more mentality, we designed a system that’s well-integrated, easily themeable, with subtle-interfaces that doesn’t confuse your users.

9. Simpletags

Very easy to use and setup! Simple Tags Module generates a tag cloud of most used words in content titles of your website. You can retrieve titles from 3 differents sections. When you click on one of the words, you are redirected to the search page with results for this tag. This improves your Page Rank (Google, Yahoo, MSN…)

Options : Width, Height, base font size, font ratio size, words minimum size, words minimum recurrence, regular expression filter, accents replacing, black list, white list, Joomla! or Google search (to increase Page Rank) and module class sufix.

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