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8 Best Tutorials On ‘How To Create Pagination In Codeigniter’

1. Pagination Class

CodeIgniter’s Pagination class is very easy to use, and it is 100% customizable, either dynamically or via stored preferences. If you are not familiar with the term “pagination”, it refers to links that allows you to navigate from page to page, like this:

2. CodeIgniter-Ajax-pagination-Library

Jquery based Ajax Pagination Library solution for CodeIgniter

3. Digg Style Pagination – Non evasive aproach

I personally liked it very much and helped a lot, but i wanted a different approach that didn’t change the way the default CodeIgniter lib works, and I didn’t have to replace any CI core files which is a pain when updating CI. Furthermore i optimized the code a bit.

4. Pagination with Code Igniter

There are times when you may have to either split an article or a set of results lets say from a database query to span multiple pages. In times like those you will need to write some sort of pagination script. This can be a little overwhelming for developers who have never done something like that before, but with Code Igniter its a cinch to do.

5.  How to Create Ajax Pagination using CodeIgniter? – CodeIgniter Tutorial

CodeIgniter has many built-in classes and plugins. Pagination class of CodeIgniter is very easy and simple to use. Also Ajax Pagination library is availanle in Codeigniter. Here i will describe how to create simple ajax pagination in Codeigniter using some simple steps.

6. CodeIgniter Pagination (Video Series)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

Note: I recommend viewing in Full Screen – looks really good if set to 720p!

This is Part 1 of what will no doubt be many videos in a series on CodeIgniter Pagination. The first few videos will show how to create basic pagination of a table of data and then the rest of the series will concentrate on how to implement standalone paginated tables using JQuery and AJAX.

7.  Easy pagination and sorting : codeigniter

Pagination is a piece of cake in codeigniter but adding sorting columns is one heck of a task. This is how i did it

8. CodeIgniter and jQuery – Real Live Search with Pagination

In this tutorial, we will create a search page with CodeIgniter and jQuery. We’re not gonna create only a default search page using CodeIgniter framework, but also a real time search with jQuery’s support. And one more, enable GET method in CodeIginter that was stupidly disable by default. Enjoy the tut and don’t forget the … beer!

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  1. another post on codeigniter pagination using backbone.paginator.

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