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7 “Create Your First Drupal Module” Tutorials – Newbies Guide

Updated Tutorials

1. Module developer’s guide by

A Drupal site can have three kinds of modules: core modules that ship with Drupal and are approved by the core developers and the community; contributed modules written by the Drupal community and shared under the same GNU Public License (GPL) as Drupal; and custom modules created by the developer of the website. This section of the Developing for Drupal handbook will help you to write your own modules and to collaborate with the community on shared projects.

2. Creating Drupal 7.x modules by

This section will include tutorials and other information that you will need to create modules for Drupal version 7.x. As Drupal 7.x has just been released, the information here is currently limited. This Includes:

  • Creating modules – a tutorial: Drupal 7.x
  • Writing .info files (Drupal 7.x)
  • Show all errors while developing
  • .install and the Fields API
  • Drupal’s code registry
  • Suppress caching (for development) or to use an external page cache
  • Using the theme layer (Drupal 7.x)

3. Create your first simple Drupal 7 module by Reinhold Weber

Create your first Drupal 7 helloworld  module with few simple steps.

4. Coding Your First Module

Presenter:  Brandon Morrison

DrupalCamp Chicago 2010 Coding Your First Module – Brandon Morrison

So you’ve tried CCK, Views, and a whole host of other modules, and you can’t get the functionality that you want out of Drupal. It’s cool, Drupal still has you covered. This session will cover the basics of adding your own code into Drupal and getting the functionality that you need/want.

Little to no Drupal experience is required, but you’re probably going to want to know PHP.

Recommended Book

5. Drupal 7 Module Development

Language : English | Paperback : 420 pages | Author(s) : Matt Butcher, Larry Garfield, John Wilkins, Matt Farina, Ken Rickard, Greg Dunlap

Overview of Drupal 7 Module Development

  • Specifically written for Drupal 7 development
  • Write your own Drupal modules, themes, and libraries
  • Discover the powerful new tools introduced in Drupal 7
  • Learn the programming secrets of six experienced Drupal developers
  • Get practical with this book’s project-based format

Old tutorials that are worth checking..

6. Creating a Simple Drupal Module

I’m going to show you how to create a very simple Drupal 6 module that uses hook_form_alter to remove a few fields from the node edit form, but only for blog and page nodes. We’ll alter different fields for each type. This should give you a foundation for more complex custom work.

7.  How to make a simple form module in Drupal

This example module will provide a form where you can enter your name and upon submission will display your name as a message on the following page. It is very basic but will give you a start to making your first module. You can change all instances of the word example to the name of your module.

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