1. OnAir By Acaideschrome podcast manager

OnAir is a lightweight and easy to use netcast (podcast) player that works right in your browser, using HTML5 media playback. With OnAir, just enter the URL of a netcast (rss) feed that you want to subscribe to, and you will be able to read about and play any episode. OnAir also notifies you when new episodes are available from any of your subscribed netcasts.

OnAir supports both audio and video netcasts that publish their media in formats supported natively by Chrome (mp3, h.264, Vorbis, Theora, Webm, etc). OnAir streams netcast episodes, it does not download them. As a result, you must be online to play episodes with OnAir. Expanded offline capability is planned for future versions.

2. ChromeCast by Binomed

ChromeCast is a Chrome Extension that will let you have a podcast player right within your browser.

Just give a feed URL, and you will have the playlist of all the podcasts within the feed. Play it, and keep browsing !

3. Video Reader by Daniel Grimm

Forget about external Applications like iTunes or Miro to watch Video Podcasts.
Subscribe with Google Reader to a Video Podcast RSS Feed and Video Reader lets you watch the Video right within Google Reader.

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