1. Magz Plazza

Magz Plazza is Joomla blogging template that ideal for magazine, portfolio and gallery based websites

Built with TPframework2 and a neat JQuery layout plugin that allow you to arrange your joomla content vertically than horizontally with flexible control over the number of columns on the frontpage and blog categories pag

2. Pixel8 – Dark Blog Joomla Template

Pixel8 - Dark Blog Joomla Template

Pixel8 is a dark Joomla template thats perfect for a nightclub, cinema website or perhaps even a moody tech blog. It comes complete with four colour styles as well as a native template for the amazing K2 component from Joomlaworks. We have also included some funky new slideshow styling that is sure to get your content fading and sliding with even more style.

3.  JV Hyla – blog joomla template

Be available for effective application since 18 August, JV Hyla from JoomlaVision.com is the ideal gift to webmasters whom are interested in strong colors, smart wood vein or artistic design. Webmasters must be also completely satisfied about effective modules applied to this beautiful theme including JV Headline, JV Accordion Menu and JV Twitter. JV Hyla can not only create impressive on-line galleries, but help bloggers to express personality as well.

4. SuperBlog By Joomlapraise

Joomla! K2, Superblogger Plugin, & Content Blog Template Introducing SuperBlog by JoomlaPraise. SuperBlog incorporates two very powerful extensions, K2 and the Superblogger Plugin (both from JoomlaWorks). The Superblogger Plugin that elaborate on the core Joomla Content Component, and K2 will replace it. If you’re fine with the core Content Component that comes with Joomla! we’ve styled it to work great for blogging as well!

SuperBlog is a Joomla! template from JoomlaPraise combining extensions created by JoomlaWorks. Increase your website potential with the Superblogger Plugin by JoomlaWorks. We’ve created built in styles to accommodate the Superblogger Plugin so there is no need to create your own stylesheets.

Not only does the SuperBlog template accommodate the Superblogger Plugin but we’ve also made additional accommodations for the K2 component by JoomlaWorks. K2 is a component meant to replace the default com_content component of Joomla!

To top it off we’ve even created custom built in Frontpage Slideshow modification to match. Utilize these by selecting the”Uncut” template in the module’s parameters.

5. BlogPraise By Joomlapraise

BlogPraiseBlogPraise is a clean approach to a Joomla! blog site, with all the necessary styles. BlogPraise offers three colors themes. Easily switch between these template themes to change the entire feel of your community, then customize to your liking

6. JA Pyro – Web 2.0 Joomla blog

It’s time to be back to blog sphere, JA Pyro is JoomlArt’s latest blog interface at the moment. Social community-oriented design nominates the theme from scratch, thus JA Pyro’s look and feel closely connects interaction elements like news spotlight, twitter stream, comments etc.,

In recent template releases, we did have chances to demonstrate a bunch of significant enhancements brought about by K2 component, plus our integrated JA Comment (trial version). Such advances remain in JA Pyro. In addtion, the total 08 light and dark themes make JA Pyro a diverse beauty.

7. JA Mona – Renovated Joomla blog site – 10 (++) color themes

It’s ideal to keep your blog, personal sites renovated from times to times, refreshing with entirely new look and feel. You do so easily when using our JA Mona, containing 10 (++) colorful theme alternatives to turn your blog sites into sparkling design.

Compared with our old blog concepts JA Koniga (2007), JA Kruger (2006), JA Mona provides more flexibility and extends feature-rich modules developed from scratch by JoomlArt – JA Twitter, JA Highslide, JA Content slider and JA Bulletin. Also, JA Mona supports image background per each theme, a typical way you inspire blog homepage in meaningful taste.

8. Praiseit – Joomla! Blog/Portfolio Template

Elevate your website with the all new Praiseit Template by JoomlaPraise. With css and html overrides to maximize this templates potential send your website into orbit. We also provide you with source artwork so you can customize the graphics from the demo and transform this template into your website.
Get your work out to your visitors with PraiseFolio.

PraiseFolio is a simple to use portfolio/image gallery. Use the PraiseFolio Items module to display a slideshow as well as PraiseFolio Tags module to display categories that you create on the fly.

9.  JA Uvite – Yet another Joomla! blog

JA Uvite – the second template of November, 2008 serves as one of many special gifts that JoomlArt expect to present to JoomlArt & Joomla lovers right before the Christmas holiday seasons. With state-of-art design and distinctive features, we believe that JA Uvite would keep your web pages in an appealing and charming webtypeface.

JA Uvite artistic design cleanly interacts with the site content via our combo integration of various cutting-edge addons. Our typical article management solution JA News which you might have known in JA Teline 2 powerfully gives you a hand in organizing your Joomla sections and categories. The front-page section with image slideshow is also a part of the JA News module, thus you can easily create spot light news without having to look for any other solution. JA Highslide, JA tabs and JA Bulletin modules smartly facilitate your control over the latest news as well as hot images gallery.

10. My Blog -Unleash the Joomla Blog By YouJoomla

My Blog -Unleash the Joomla Blog By YouJoomla

This Joomla template was designed with one purpose only. Presentation ! Portfolio 2.0 has unique layout and vibrant colors that will keep your visitors glued to their screens. With 19 module positions, Multibox build in , hidden slides , server side css and javascript compression , Portfolio is one of the best Joomla templates out there and is suitable for any web presentation. We are glad that we where able to add this beautifully template to our showcase collection. Portfolio is available for download to our Club Members or you can purchase single license to give it a test drive .

— If you know any Joomla blogging theme, do let us know by comments.

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  1. Nice collections!
    Currently responsive is very hot. I recommend a new responsive template for joomla – Avatar Simple. It easy to use for blogging!

    1. Thanks Trung, actually we don’t allow to promote commercial themes in blog comments but I can see this Theme of yours has a free option as well?

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