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2015.04.12,添加對iPhone 6/Plus的適配。
***Top 1 Education App in China!***
“The search speed is pretty fast ……” —- Andrew
“A really nice app. I like it can help me to learn much of interesting Chinese words.” —- Evan

Please note, your firmware at least is iPhone OS 3.0.

‘XinHuaDict’ professional version maybe the best and fastest Chinese dictionary. It completely collected all 20809 standard Chinese characters of the newest version of ‘XinHua dictionary’. It’s a perfect helper of learning Chinese。Fast, accurate, detailed, complete, in-depth are most important features of this app. Not only of most Chinese characters have Chinese detailed explanation, but also contain responding English interpretation.

Main functions:
1. Search by word (Chinese character).
2. Search by Pinyin.
3. Search by Wubi.
4. Search by radical (Bushou).
5. Search by stroke.
6. Unfamiliar words collection.
7. Preference config.
Fastest! After many times of performance tuning, and by rigorous testing on iPhone, the average time for each word query in 3 seconds, and sometimes only 1 second!
After thousands of testing, we recommended that:
1. If you retrieval by radical character, you’d better turn on handwriting input (from ‘Settings’-‘General’-‘International’-‘Keyboard’-‘International Keyboard’-‘Chinese [Simplified]’-‘Handwriting’ choose turn on)
If you have any idea in the course of using this app, please contact with us: [email protected], doing a nice application is our unremitting pursuit and goal. Your suggestions are important to us, we would be very grateful!


1. 漢字檢索—-通過直接輸入漢字來進行查找;
2. 拼音檢索—-通過選擇漢字的拼音來進行查找;
3. 部首檢索—-通過選擇漢字的偏旁部首來進行查找;
4. 五筆檢索—-通過輸入漢字的五筆編碼來進行查找;
5. 筆畫檢索—-通過選擇漢字的筆畫數來進行查找;
6. 生字本—-隨時查看保存的生字,輕輕一劃,還會出現刪除按鈕;
如果您在使用過程中對該應用有任何想法,無論是改進的建議,熱情的鼓勵,還是善意的批評,抑或是需要技術支持,都請與我們聯繫:[email protected],做精品應用是我們不懈追求的目標,您的建議對我們至關重要,我們將非常感謝!

By Haoweier Lin

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