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What is “Zion Sound DJ”?

This is Multi-functional music player for people who like club music, such as REGGAE, HIP HOP, and R&B
When you play music, you can ring sound effects (sound sampler) as club DJ.
You can also enjoy playing music like DJ and MIX-CD.

■Sampler function put in this app.
When you play the music (MP3 M4A data) in iTunes library or MY MUSIC,
You can play it like club DJ by tapping sampler button.

■Several free sound sampler are put in this player app.
In addition, you can purchase shout out and premium sound sampler of famous DJ.
It is possible to customize the contents of the sampler button itself.
Can be enjoyed as a player with a sampler of their own.

[Free sound sampler]
7 sound patterns, such as Laser and Horn, the sound of classic DJ sampler

[Pay sound sampler (85yen each)]
Shout out of the popular DJ in Japan.
The familiar sound sampler at DJ play is available for purchase.

■ In addition, a combination of the music of “My Music” and the iTunes library,
you can play your own list on this app, and continuously replay your favorite songs.

■ Don’t worry even if there is no music in a library.
From within the app icon of “FREE Track”,
you can download club tracks free to “My Music”.
In combination with sound sampler, you can enjoy DJ play free.
(Free music tracks will add as needed)

◎ OS support
iOS4.2 or more

◎ Supported File

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