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Add text on your photo or ‘BEHIND’ anything in them! In seconds you can create impossible photo effects and make beautiful typography posters, covers, flyers, invitations and more!

Write Behind is a text photo editor used to recreate one of the most popular effects once reserved for magazine covers and photoshop experts.

Designed to work using simple finger gestures, you no longer need to be chained to a desktop running expensive software.

Now you can do it yourself on the go in seconds!

Write Behind can be used:
– As a poster maker & flyer maker to promote your business
– To make a stunning invitation for your event
– As a beautiful album cover maker & book cover maker
– To create Wattpad Covers for your stories
– As a meme maker to design captions that pop
– And more!

Write Behind features:
* Over 85 beautiful fonts
* Adjust shadow effects behind your text to create more depth.
* Change the background saturation for dramatic Black & White effects.
* Dual color scales featuring gradients.
* Easily adjust the opacity of your fonts.
* Big fingers? Just pinch and zoom to edit the smallest details.
* Just use the brush to erase what you want ‘behind’. Adjust it to edit the smoothest edges or complex borders.

If you want anything changed or added you can send feedback directly to [email protected] from inside the app.

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By Tap Flat Apps, LLC

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