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Update (05-May-2016): 330,000+ winmail.dat files successfully extracted to date! 33% discount is continued! Thank you all for making Winmail.dat File Viewer Pro the best app for opening winmail.dat files on iOS.

Winmail.dat File Viewer Pro – Open winmail.dat TNEF-encoded Outlook files on iPhone and iPad is the #1 way to view winmail.dat attachment data on your iOS devices.

Due to a badly configured Outlook mail server, emails may contain winmail.dat attachments instead of the actual email content in readable format. This app enables you to view data contained in such winmail.dat files.

Please note that this app only opens “winmail.dat” files with TNEF encoding and cannot be used to open any other files with “.dat” extension.

The extracted attachment data can be emailed, saved to Dropbox, Drive, Mail, Facebook, Twitter etc. using the respective apps on your device.

If you are unable to open a winmail.dat attachment for some reason, please contact me using the support link or on twitter: @FollowChintan and i will act on it within 12 hours.

By Chintan Patel

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