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VPN-SERVER.PRO – premium class VPN server.

With VPN-SERVER.PRO you can:

1) Protect your passwords, credit card details and other private data while working in public networks.
2) Use the Internet without restrictions and blocks.
3) Encrypt traffic; secure key (Up to 2048 bit)
4) Many geographical points in the network.
5) No need to worry about the logs; we don’t store history and our StopTrack technology blocks external tracking used by the vast majority of sites.

VPN-SERVER.PRO should be your choice because:

+ Purchasing a subscription is easy and we don’t need any personal details. We won’t even ask for your email address.
+ The company is registered in the Seychelles.
+ Our servers are connected to high quality and high reliability networks.
+ Our servers have SSL cert, which excludes MITM.
+ Unlimited traffic

Your safety – Our work

By Secure Communications LTD

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