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The most simple and easy to use app for merging videos and audio:

– Select your videos quickly with original resolution.
– Add multiple videos.
– Apply overlay shapes or filters as you want.
– Select a background music.
– Merge them all by tapping the Merge button.
– Save or share to friends by tapping on the result video!
– Saves your project so you can pause your work and resume later. You can also work on multiple projects by switching between them.

What our users say:

“After wasting money of three horrible apps that either wouldn’t merge videos longer than a few seconds or cut out the audio, I found this one. Lifesave.”

“I searched all day for an app that would merge two video with my original sound! This was the only GOOD one I could find!!! Thank you!”

“Only app I could find that would let me merge more than two videos. Love it !”

“This app has everything: filters, cropping, music…it’s awesome!”

“We loved this:) it helped us with a project we had to do !! I don’t know where I would be without it!!”

“Much better than other free apps I’ve tried”

“I totally recommend this to those video editors out there! it works and this was the type of app I was searching for”

By VendiApps

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