We seem to be in a constant state of worry over quality of life these days. Our daily chores and life at the office are taking up so much of our time that we failing to have a sufficient amount of time for ourselves. It isn’t unusual to feel frustrated with all of the fast-paced technology around us. However, it does have its positive side. Technology has simplified life somewhat with the help of mobile apps.

Today’s mobile devices don’t just allow us to make and receive telephone calls but provide us access to a whole new mobile world just waiting to be enjoyed and explored. Should you wish to make a hotel reservation, search for a local restaurant, or buy gifts for friends and family, there will be a mobile app available. Here are some of the more popular apps with a description of they make life just that little bit easier.

Apps for travel

If you are a jet-setter, there are a number of things you will constantly need to take care of and you may find that just one minor mistake could come at a high price. If you had a mobile device that allows you to book your flight, look at a location map and make your hotel reservation, all within the space of a few minutes, it would save you a lot of time and hassle. There are travel apps available that are designed specifically for your smart phone. You could even make your hotel booking whilst waiting patiently for your flight.

Apps for production

If you’re a small business owner or freelancer, it is imperative that you properly manage tasks. By using productivity apps, you can increase production as well as the production of your team. Your files can be sent and received instantly; you can stay organised and never miss another appointment simply because you had forgotten all about it.

Apps for social networking

If your friends don’t feel that they get to spend enough time with you, or vice versa, social networking apps can keep any upsets at bay by providing you with instant access to the likes of Facebook and Twitter. You can login during work breaks and socialize with your friends instantly. Some of the more popular apps for social networking include Facebook Messenger, BlackBerry Messenger, FourSquare and UberTwitter.

Apps for news

If watching television or reading the newspaper for news seems too much like hard work, there are some apps that deliver to you, the latest updates, directly to your mobile device. Through applications such as NPR News, AP Mobile, WolframAlpha and BerryWeather, you can gain access to the latest news updates with stories from around the world.

Apps for entertainment

Entertainment apps enable you to have more fun and keep yourself amused. Games can help you to kill time as well as avoid stress. Some of the more popular apps for entertainment include:
Plants vs. Zombies, Words With Friends, Onion New Network, Kindle, Doodle Jump, I Love Katamari and Angry Birds.

Apps aren’t just used for leisurely activities, however. They are also widely used in business and one of its more popular uses for financial gains is in spread betting. Having such an application, you will be able to place trades directly from your smart phone and if you place trades wisely, you will soon begin to see your mobile device as something of an ATM. Not only do apps save you time, they can also help to make you serious money.

This guest post has been provided by Chris, on behalf of Cantor Index – a spread betting company.

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