Most of you know that blogspot offers many best widgets to its users you might not understand which are the top for your blog. In this page I will offer you with the top list of widget that I think are best for your free blog. Maximum users using both wordpress and blogspot think that blogspot less in customization than free wordpress blog but tracking widgets that permit you to make powerful and professional blog using free blogspot site.

Disque Comments

Blogger post comments offer all the functionality but if you need to have advantage commenting system then you should try comments disque. You can add in blogspot from here.

Share on Facebook

Social networking is very important for every website because it increase your traffic. Face is a best social community site of the world. This widget will act as a handy application for your readers to share your pages on Facebook with your community. If you want to increase traffic of your blog then get it from here.

Related Post

This free blog widget confirms related pages below each page on the basic of category label. This will stay user on your blog for very long time. If you are agreed, you can take it from here.

Share This

If you do not need to boundary your users to split your page on Face book, then this powerful widget help you. This will support your followers to share your page to many social bookmarking examines including Digg, Facebook, twitter, and stumble upon and many others.

Top Post

This powerful widget rank your post by analyzing social meeting with your blogger post like bookmarking, clicks and comments. It will let your readers know about your most meeting pages. Grab it from this page.

Convey This Translator Button

User this translator key is top way to boost international traffic to your free blog. It can translate your blog material to amount of many languages.

Flash Animated Label Cloud

In this widget your categories and label presented in a flash animated cloud. This will help you to increase page reader attention to your label list.

The blogpost widgets that I find most helpful are language translation. If you see my free blog, you will see an option below my image for the blog to be translated in to any world most popular 40 languages. I find it is very important to be able to offer content that is user friendly universally. Then, I someone in Asia need to visit my blog, there is a chance that they may be able to translate the free blog in to a language that they can understand better then international language English and that they will be benefited and impressed by such an experience. Other characteristics you will have on your blog will include your image, which is it self essential. It is very nice to see the user behind the text.  Then, there is a long list of some categories, archives, posts and favorite website and blog.



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