Here we have got some very useful FTP Clients for your iPhone for better sharing and one could keep his website up to date.

1. FTP on The Go By Headlight Software, Inc.

An FTP client for the iPhone and iPod touch. All the features of a desktop FTP client and more; a very powerful app.
With FTP On The Go, you can fix your website, and view files on your FTP server, from anywhere.

2. DocPrinter with Server Browsing By EuroSmartz Ltd

DocPrinter™ is simply the best app for browsing, transferring and printing files, documents, photos and Web Pages on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, from iDisk, WebDAV, Google Docs, Dropbox, Mac, PC or FTP site. It also enables viewing, emailing and printing your files & documents direct from the server where they are stored. Store files on your iPad, iPhone or iPod for viewing later, emailing or printing when you need to.

You can also print Contacts, Web Pages and Photos. DocPrint also has the Open in file sharing, so you can open a file from another app that supports Open in straight to the print function in a single step process.

3. iStorage By Lukas Foldyna


An iPhone App that allows you to manage your files in file manager, view  document with Document Viewer for: FTP, WebDAV, iDisk. Very useful tool for file transfering.

4. FTP Picture Upload Headlight Software, Inc.

Upload photos to your website with just a few taps. Keep your website updated with the latest photos no matter where you are.

3 thoughts on “Top 4 FTP Client Apps For iPhone”

  1. Does any of those allow to upload more than just pictures and videos? I ask because I frequently record voice memos that I’d like to store on my FTP server. I usually send it to Dropbox (via the iPod touch app) but not very many people can access before Dropbox shuts down due to excess of traffic.

    I’d like a FTP server that could either send an audio file directly from iTalk to my FTP or from a link (e.g. Dropbox public folder) to my FTP. Does any of those top-5 apps do it?

  2. Personally i haven’t tried to send an audio file directly from iTalk from FTP,

    But after you record audio file, it saves in your file manager right? So You can upload that file via any ftp app. So i guess it should work.

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