1. Tabber

With Tabber you can make content tabs anywhere in Joomla!

The syntax simply looks like:
{tab=Tab Title 1}
Your text…
{tab=Tab Title 2}
Your text…

To make links to certain tabs in your page, you can use Tab Links, like:
{tablink=Tab Title 2}Link text{/tablink}

And many more cool features

2. veevaa Multi-Module Tabs

Fill in the blank the modules ID whether they are Enabled or not, separated by commas. Those modules will show in tabs or sliders use Joomla JPane. Custom CSS: modules/mod_veevaa_tabs/assets/style.css

3. jkefel

  • * panel (tab or slider) persistence, i.e. coming back to the same page would render with the most recently active panel as open
  • * direct addressing of panels from external pages
  • * ajax loading of panels content and are either refreshed every time the panel is visited or is fetched once only
  • * load specific modules (addressed by their ids) into a panel position
  • * recursively inclusion of panels in panels
  • * while loading external content you will be able to choose how to place fetched content: by prepending, appending or replacing to existing content
  • * and of course, you can place as many tabs and/or sliders as you want on the same page and with varying UI:s (i.e. sliders or tabs) and also with varying options
  • * all features are controlled globally from the plugin parameter setting and individual tabs are modified through their own options
  • * reuses Joomla! backend styles which can be easily modified by accessing the included css file.

4. Simple Tab and Slider Module

Simple ! Yes Just simple tab and slider module for joomla. Displays multiple modules with tabs/Slider. This modules is developed using the joomla tab/slide api JPane. This modules uses the joomla own resource like css, image from admin khepri template. Your feedback will help me to make more helpfull extentions 🙂

5.  2J Tabs

2J Tabs (component + module + plugin) – it’s a fresh breath for your website layout. Very easy and comfortable way to organize your front end content most effective way.
2J Tabs can emulate multi-pages structure based on the joomla content articles as result your visitors will get easy access to the big content articles (no need to scroll through a large page). Also 2JTabs have ability to load up joomla external modules to the tabs from joomla template locations (for example: left, right, banner, user1 and etc…).

6. jTabs

jTabs allow to created jQuery Tabs and Accordion via joomla modules and free to insert HTML code for tabs.

Look for more information on jquery http://jquery.com/ To modify styles check http://jqueryui.com/themeroller/

7. Dinamod Tab Modules

Dinamod is a special extension to easily render modules in highly customizable tabs. Just install, define a new position for the tabs (default is “dinamod”), publish each desired module in that position and finally configure and publish mod_dinamods. Some featured options are:

  • • Showing the tabs on top or on the bottom
  • • onClik or onMouseOver selectable tabs
  • • Auto rotating within a certain time
  • • Customizing size, border, margins and each possible color

8. IceTabs

IceTabs module marks another immense milestone at IceTheme. We can say without any single doubt that this module is one of the best ever built Joomla Extensions by our club and also on all the Joomla! market as well. But… why?!

First let’s describe what is the scope of the IceTab module.

IceTab module can display any content/banner/images/K2/VirtueMart information with a smooth and nice interface based on the tabular interface. So to describe more clearly, you may display your Joomla content and this is the primary scope of this module but you may easily use it to be a image gallery by switching to the “image” mode. Also you may use to display content from the popular K2 extension an to display products from the VirtueMart extension. The IceTab module is bult-in all parameters needed so that you have the possibility to adjust perfectly in the way you like.

9. RokTabs

RokTabs is a tabbed content module, standalone and sporting its own themes (light and dark). Content is transitions, either by fade or scroll, and is powered by mootools.

The module has the ability to be fully automated, switching based on time or manually by user interaction.
RokTabs also has support for the plugin allowing to load modules inside it, as well as supporting K2.

  • – Tabbed Content: Display multiple content items in a tabbed enclosure.
  • – Module Position Support: You can insert module positions inside the tabs.
  • – Inbuilt Styling: Both light and dark styling for standalone support
  • – Configurability: Highly configurable from options dealing with transition, to content type and layout.

10. JooTabs

Exhausted to waste space in your Joomla! powered website with a lot of modules? Put a lot of modules in just one position using jooTabs Features : 1. Option to change active tab with mouseover or mouseclick 2. 8 ready-to-use tab template 3. Up to 10 tab available 4. Option to use AutoChange of the Tabs and the delay time of each transition 5. Option to change the width of tabs 6. Option to choose which tab that you want to open after first page loading (to attract users attention) 7. Assign specific module into each tab 8. Set the title of each tab 9. Option to show or hide the modules title inside the tabs 10. Module Class Suffix ready 11. Show everything: Images, Scripts, Links… inside the tabs

11. Tabs Manager GK3

An overview of Tabs Manager GK3 component key features:

  • Joomla! 1.5 Native
  • Javascript Framework Mootools
  • Option for use compressed engine script
  • New technique of assets Java Scripts files
  • New, more friendly the interface
  • Creation of tabs groups presentation
  • Custom tabs names
  • Provided with Tab GK1 module for content display
  • Support for multi language translation for components, plugins, extensions and modules
  • 3 different styles presentation (horizontal – vertical and accordion)
  • Customize user style option formatting (for advanced users)
  • Integration of WYSIWYG editor for custom XHTML content production
  • Easy administration with Modalbox effect display
  • Lightweight, modern and fast-loading design
  • Different amazing styles transitions effects
  • W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional. W3C CSS Valid
  • Fully compatible IE7+, Firefox 2+, Flock 0.7+, Netscape, Safari, Opera 9.5, Chrome

— My Favs are  jTabs, RokTabs & Tabs Manager GK3. Let me know which ones you like the most!.

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  1. Hi, Matt, I have read that article , but I really dont know how to do it , so I ask this question in there. Can you tell me more details?

    1. so you wanted to know ‘How to Insert GK3 News module in GK3 Tab manager’
      Is that correct?
      I will make a publish an article about it, If i get time, I cant guarantee but i will try my best to arrange time.


  2. Hi, I made it work. But so funny is that I made tab’s module position is not equal tab gk1’s position. And it wok.

    Matt you use it, and can give me more advice? If that trouble you, I m sorry.

  3. Hi Spawan,

    Great, Its really good to know that you made it work.
    But also you said “you use it, and can give me more advice? ” I didnt get this part.

    Also, Now that you know how to make it work, would you like to share this tutorial with others? I will publish it for you,

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

    Regards, Matt

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