WordPress is great web content management system. Its open source nature allows community to create extensions plugins for extra functionality and that’s what makes WordPress to really standout. There are may great plugins created, you can find them all in official WordPress directory. We have created several summaries of great WordPress plugins (how to make WordPress site look great on mobile or best plugins for integrating Facebook comments). This time we present the list for top 10 WordPress portfolio plugins to showcase your work. Hope you will like them.

1. WEBphysiology Portfolio

The WEBphysiology Portfolio plugin was built to provide a clean, current look in situations where an expanded list-style or grid-style portfolio layout is appropriate. The plugin is implemented via a [shortcode] that supports specifying one-or-more portfolio types, all portfolio types, all but specifically excluded portfolio types or any combination of portfolio types to include or exclude.

The plugin utilizes a Custom Post Type as well as a Custom Taxonomy. It provides a Settings page for specifying some customizable options, like the number of entries to display per page. It also allows one to turn off the provided CSS in place of implementing their own.

2. Portfolio Slideshow

A shortcode that inserts a clean and simple jQuery + cycle powered slideshow of all image attachments on a post or page. Degrades gracefully for users

Portfolio Slideshow

3.  Simple Portfolio

Simple Portfolio allows you to easily manage your portfolio. You can append snippets, youtube and media from the built-in Media Library to projects.

Manage your portfolio projects easily and use them everywhere you like. This plugin is very powerful and easy to use!
You can create and manage your portfolio projects and add specific project information, for example your role and the team you’ve worked in.
Add any media you like: YouTube, code snippets, text or any media from your wordpress built in Media Library. Besides it’s easy to assign your projects to clients, categories or tags.
This plugin provides an API which gives you the power to fetch all the data you want..

4. WordPress Portfolio Plugin (WP Portfolio)

A plugin that allows you to show off your portfolio through a single page on your wordpress blog with automatically generated thumbnails. To show your portfolio, create a new page and paste [wp-portfolio] into it.

5. myPortfolio Plus

My Portfolio Plus is a plugin designed for WordPress 3.x that enables a Web Developer/Designer to create a WordPress Portfolio for their work in a very easy way that doesn’t rely on outdated methods such as custom fields and proprietary editors. The Plugin Homepage contains a full list of features.

6. JH Portfolio

JH Portfolio adds a Portfolio section to the WP-Admin and provides portfolio templating either via widgets or template files. Add a fully functionality integrated Portfolio to your WordPress site. JH Portfolio comes with a set of widgets for visually creating your portfolio layout, or custom page templates can be used if you want that extra level control over your portfolio design.

7. G-Projects

G-Projects is a wordpress plugin tested on wordpress 3.0.1 that creates a simple portfolio for developers/designers.

8. Portfolleo

This plugin is very simple. Portfolleo is a plugin that was designed from the ground up to be very easy to use. It creates a very sophisticated portfolio that uses jquery, you don’t have to do anything regarding jquery or html.

9. Product Website Showcase

PWS allows your users to submit their websites on which they used your product, to be displayed on your predefined blog page.

10. Cispm Portfolio

Cispm Mail Contact is a portfolio that we can define via your WordPress administration. With this plugin you can through a portfolio, exposing all your creations in various topic (website, video, music, image). A single plugin that is responsive to your needs, you, bloggers and Web 2.0 player.

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