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Templates for Keynote contains 104 Keynote designs for your presentations. They can be used for great-looking, easy-to-compose and High-Definition presentations on your iPhone, iPad and a Mac via iCloud.

20 action themes for Keynote with animated backgrounds for your Keynote presentations.

Action themes will allow you to create extraordinary presentations with moving backgrounds that will truly amaze your audience. Action will not stop all the time during your presentation and this will definitely please your crowd.

Every Keynote theme with moving background is available for iPad, iPhone and will use every pixel on different projectors.

84 static themes for Keynote with static backgrounds for your Keynote presentations.

Static themes will provide you with amazing backgrounds, unique layouts and professional-quality elements, allowing you to create captivating presentations effortlessly.
All static themes are available in widescreen format (16:9) so the quality will be great on widescreen displays, iPhone, iPad and different projectors.

Keynote app is required for using the templates.

By UAB Macmanus

Download from Itunes

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