Kids probably enjoy Christmas the most for the various activities, food and most of all for the gifts. Getting the perfect gifts for kids and seeing the joy on their faces is one of the best experiences on Christmas day. In order for your gifts to be a hit this Christmas, here are the top 10 best Christmas gifts for 2013 for kids.

1. Playskool Sesame Street Big Hugs Elmo

One of the best Christmas gifts for 2013 for kids is the Big Hugs Elmo that is a bestselling toy for this year and your kids will love him. When Elmo is hugged, he will hug your child back. He will also say various fun phrases and can also sing a funny song about hugs which makes this one of the top 10 best Christmas gifts for 2013 for girls and boys.

2. Disney Doc McStuffins Get Better Checkup Center

Doc McStuffins always makes great gift ideas for kids and for this year, the Get Better Checkup Center will be perfect for the kids. The checkup center is necessary to heal your kid’s toys. A diagnosis can be made on what is ailing Lambie using the Big Book of BooBoos, or your kids can check out her x-rays to find out what is going wrong. It also includes all that is necessary for Lambie’s checkup including a scale, a growing chart and a play x-ray machine. Also features bandage stickers to take away her ouchies.

3. Barbie Dreamhouse

This is perfect for the little girl in your life who loves her Barbies. The Dreamhouse is quite fancy and is over three feet tall and comes fully furnished with lights as well as sounds on each of the three levels.

4. Furby Boom

Furby Boom is another of the hottest Christmas gifts for 2013 for kids. This interactive toy responds to sound and music but it is important to remember that how you treat Furby will shape its personality (good or bad). Your kids can feed it, speak to it, tickle it, play music for it as well as shake, tilt or turn Furby upside down making this a fun toy for boys and girls.

5. Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow Blaster

This is perfect for the tomboy in your life as it is targeted specifically towards girls and will make a great present this Christmas. This bow blaster with real bow action is pulled in order to launch the five collectible darts at targets that can be as far away as 75 feet. Can be used alone or your little girl can team up with a friend. Either way, she will be armed for action.

6. LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra Learning Tablet

The LeapFrog LealPad 2 was the bestselling toy for 2012 and this LeapPad Ultra is sure to be a bestselling tablet for kids for 2013. Unlike the LeapPad 2, this Ultra comes with Wifi to allow kid safe web browsing. It also comes complete with a library of more than 800 fun as well as educator approved apps, ebooks, games, videos, music, etc, making this one of the best Christmas gifts for 2013 for kids.

7. Personalized Books For Kids For Christmas

These are personalized books that your kids will love. Reading books is so important especially in this technologically advanced age when books have been kicked to the side. These personalized books will help your kids enjoy reading books. These books feature a personalized story about your kids Christmas wish for a teddy bear. Also comes with a personalized letter to Santa as well as a teddy bear. The book captures the anticipation leading up to Christmas morning as well as the joy of receiving a gift from Santa.

8. Fuhu NABI FUHUNABI-A 7-Inch 4 GB Tablet

This is another of the bestselling tablets for kids that they will love. Unlike many other tablets geared for kids, the Nabi will continue to be used as your kids get older as the experience can be adapted as your children get older. This tablet features a wide range of experiences that will engage, entertain as well as educate kids including kid friendly web browsing, TV and movie watching, reading books, learning math and playing games.

9. LEGO Mindstorms EV3 31313

LEGO Mindstorms EV3 is another of the best Christmas gifts for 2013 for kids that will enable them to create and command robots that will do what your kids want such as walk, talk, think, etc, using the LEGO building system that features the most advanced technology ever developed by LEGO.

10. Penny Low Boot

This boot is perfect to keep your kids feet warm and toasty this winter and beyond. These boots feature a faux fur animal print collar to keep your kids stylish. The actual boots are made with genuine sheepskin and also feature an inner sole with 15-17mm wool pile. The sole is perfect for kids as it features a hard wearing EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) sole that comes complete with a basket weave design.

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