The Dell XPS M1530 laptop is indeed a top seller at the moment and with good reason. The specifications of this laptop are quite something but is it really deserving of the top spot? What are the pros and cons of such a laptop as the M1530?

I don’t know about you but when I need to hear information regarding an item I’m interested in buying, I want unbiased information full of facts both good and bad.

Let me first just reel off some of the main specifications – 2.2Ghz, Intel Core 2 Duo T8300 Dual Core Mobile Processor, 4G Memory, 320GB Drive, 9 cell Battery. If you’re new to the laptop world, 320GB is the storage capacity where you will store all your information and applications. 320GB is a huge amount of storage. As an example, on just 1GB you could store about 300 songs.

Being a laptop, you might be out and about with it once in a while, well the battery will last an easy 4 hours for you on full charge. I had one laptop just a year ago which lasted only 1 single hour!

The Vista operating system is really fast while the laptop itself boots up in no time so you can get to use the 1 inch thin beauty with a 15.4 inch panel straight away, no putting the kettle on while you wait.

Some previous laptops were unable to run all applications but with the XPS M1530, no problem. And if watching DVD’s is your thing, then you will have stunning graphics and display using a 1440×900 resolution which is higher than the normal 1280×800 for a 15.4-inch panel. Just one thing which I believe needs to be pointed out is that the resolution being 1440×900 does cause a slight glare on the screen when in use outside. This may not be a factor for you but I mention it for your information.

You won’t need to buy a webcam for this laptop by the way, it’s already built in and ready for use immediately. So, in a nutshell you can see the Dell XPS M1530 is stunningly superb and if you ask around, or do your own research you will find that the feedback is pretty much the same. If there are any cons I would say that the slightly high price may put some off, as might the glare on the screen when in use outdoors so please bear those factors in mind.

If you do purchase the Dell XPS M1530, it’s highly unlikely you will have any regrets at all.

Source by John Milligan

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