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It is an alarm clock that keeps talking for time for 30 min.
If you choose with cuteness and function, there are no other choices.
Emoji is also a cute application.

A weak person in the morning,
it made for the weak in the morning,
Alarm clock for morning-only.

Characteristic to keep talking for 30 minutes

Features are fashionable
There is absolute confidence in fashion.

Please check if you like.

It is an alarm clock specialized in the morning.

Morning and afternoon mistake … As long as you use this application, it will not happen.

The set time is from midnight to 10:55 am. There is no mistake in setting time.

Every day, at 8 o’clock in the evening, a message is displayed to confirm the wake-up time of the next day.

Also, since we are confining the time and confirming the destination, we can announce the voice message dedicated to the morning accordingly.

It is different from an application which keeps announcing only the time.

It is different from the alarm clock caused by meaningless sounds and music.

It is possible to announce time, sound, and voice messages.

Illustrations are displayed according to the set time of the alarm.

This display function was added, so it became a more cute app than before.

Now, please check.

· Easy operation
· Excellent visibility

· Alarm clock function (max 30 minutes)
 Time reading function
  Reading elapsed time
  Various warning sounds
  Voice message

· Clock display function
· Alarm clock function (voice, sound)
· Wallpaper display function
· Wallpaper export function

For use over a daylight saving time switch,
The alarm may not sound at the correct time.

By hideo nakamura

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