16 Best Bike Racing Games For iPhone

2XL Supercross By 2XL Games, Inc.

1.  Moto Chaser By Freeverse, Inc. Moto Chaser is an all-out pedal to the metal motorcycle race in the palm of your hand! With turns, jumps, and evil bikers lurking just around the bend.FEATURES:   Thrilling, high-speed action  Fully 3D racing environments  Accelerometer steering that mimics actual motorcycle controls    Touch-screen fighting system 2. Hardcore […]

11 Awesome Zombie Games For iPhone

iZombieland By Sony Pictures Television

1. iZombieland By Sony Pictures Television This land is your land, this land is our land, this land is Zombieland! As the heroic zombie killing artiste, Tallahassee, fight for your life and laugh in a horrific and comedic world overtaken by the flesh eating undead. How long can you survive? Use all of your skills […]