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Gerry the gerbil has his eye on some shiny balls!

In particular, Gerry loves shiny GOLD balls.

In order for Gerry to get his hands on some shiny gold balls, he must spin and roll across 50 levels contained within 5 rooms of Gerry’s house!

Gerry’s house is not just any house though! No, Gerry’s house is very dangerous. It contains many traps and hazards that Gerry might bump into, but worst of all – Gerry might fall off the edge of a level, and SMASH his own ball into a million tiny pieces!

So what are you waiting for – hurry and help Gerry collect his shiny balls!

Game features:

* Amazing 3D graphics – push your iPhone and iPad to the max and see what it can do!
* 60fps – silky smooth gameplay!
* Full 3D ball physics – playing with a gerbil has never been so much fun!
* 50 levels – from the weird and wonderful to the twisted and tormenting!
* 5 stages – starting from the beautiful green garden and ending with the spooky…???
* 5 a-maze-ing levels – will you reach the end??
* 3 unique endings – play well and watch all three wonderful endings!
* 51 online high scores tables – are you the best in the world?
* 5 player profiles – all the family can play!

By Si Design

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