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*Inspired by the movie 300: Rise of an Empire*

A HOT Spartan Warrior? Thats right and she is at war with the Persian Empire.

In this spartan themed game you will be playing with the toughest, fiercest, prettiest female warrior in all of Sparta.

You start out with no weapons and will have to avoid obstacles and enemies as you run for freedom. Along the way you will have the option to get power ups that include weapons, body armor and helmet protection.

Can you find a way to complete the run and defeat the Persian Army?


– Cool weapons and armor power ups
– Amazing rich retina graphics
– Game Center enabled so you can challenge your friends and compete for Top Warrior Runner
– Obstacles, enemies and platform gaps test your running skills
– Changing platform sizes and heights make this game super exciting and fun

If you like the history of the Spartan Empire, the movie 300 or you are just a fan of great running games, you will love this fun runner.

Download it now while it’s still free!


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