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Get the most out of your Meridian Sooloos system by using your iPhone™, iPad™ or iPod® Touch as a rich wireless controller. The Sooloos app lets you take full advantage of Meridian’s award-winning Sooloos digital media system to store, manage, browse, and play the highest quality audio in multiple zones around your home.

NOTE: This app requires a Sooloos digital media system running version 2.368 or later, however 2.535 or later is recommended. To learn more about Sooloos products, visit the Meridian web site at

The Sooloos app from Meridian connects to your WiFi network, locates your Sooloos system and connects to it automatically… no configuration is necessary. Once connected, you can browse your music and control all aspects of playback in all your system’s zones.

Sooloos offers you many ways to explore your music collection: browse by artist, genre, release date, import date, or using tags you create yourself. Control how you listen to your playlists using shuffle, loop, and the unique Swim mode, which uses your preferences to select music for you.

Quick search allows you to enter text using the on-screen keyboard, and displays album and track results as you type.

Play different music in each room of your home, or link zones to play the same music in multiple rooms. Use transport and seek to control playback in each of your zones independently. Control the volume of the outputs of your Sooloos system, or even your Meridian processor or DSP loudspeakers directly.

Create or load playlists, then edit and save them right from your iPhone™, iPad™ or iPod® Touch.

Using the built in Focus feature, you can create custom tailored music collections — like “Hard Rock from the 1970’s”, “Top-rated Post-Bop Jazz”, or “Most-played albums featuring Yo-Yo Ma” — and recall them at a touch from the Sooloos app.

FEATURES on iPhone™ and iPod® Touch:
– WiFi auto-discovery
– Transport control
– Volume and mute controls
– View full-screen cover art for current track
– Control multiple zone playback
– Browse by artist, genre, release date, import date, tags
– Shuffle, Loop, and Seek
– Swim chooses music for you
– Quick Search using on-screen keyboard
– Create, Load, Edit, and Save playlists
– Browse Focuses created on your Sooloos system
– Switch sources in Meridian Integrated Zones, and power up/down the Zone.

– Graphical browser featuring album cover-art with the ability to focus on albums and view their metadata
– Select and Edit mode allowing editing of tags, genres and the creation of album sets
– Internet radio channel browser
– Transfer play queues between zones
– Manage streaming accounts
– Display notification messages from the Sooloos Core.

By Meridian Audio Limited

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