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DMB PRO – is the best app in the App Store for the soldiers, cadets, girls and their families. Your personal timer to be aware of the important events and count down the remaining time to muster for you! With us time before space flies faster! Checked;)

Try it now:

◆ Install your favorite photo on the background of the counter!
◆ Create personal experiences, not to forget to congratulate the mother and the girl a happy birthday and March 8!
◆ Observe the rapidly decreasing time to muster, without going into the app using the beautiful and informative on-screen widget notifications!

Read our new “life hacking” section:

◆ Complete Dictionary of Modern Army jargon
◆ Charter Internal Service Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the charter of Garrison and Patrol Services of the Armed Forces, the Navy ship charter
◆ Anecdotes, military history, humor

Be prepared in advance:

◆ Make sure that the number of days left until the next significant event!
◆ receive reminders of important events for three days before they occur!
◆ Corrects list of events based on their preferences!

Besides that:

◆ Choose the format of the counter 8 available!
◆ Use VKontakte, Facebook and Twitter, to share interesting events from the life of a soldier!
◆ Join groups and affect the introduction of new features to the timer!

Any questions or found a mistake? Do not hesitate to write the development team at any time via the feedback form on the site

From the army,
with love!

P.S. More than 10 000 people can not be wrong: they have chosen as a personal timer DMB PRO:

“Everything is fine, no complaints!» – Verynike, Nov 13. 2015

“Everything is super! The app calculates in advance when it is the middle of the service, or, for example, 100 days prior to demobilization) Very convenient. Really good value for money;) » – alexrusakova, Nov 22. 2015

“Everything is super, work does not take off!» – FPO_1430, Nov 13. 2015


Download from Itunes

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