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SAFER Mobile Response™ is a FREE mobile app designed for First Responders and HAZMAT

SMEs that seamlessly integrates the latest 2016 Emergency Response Guide (ERG) into an

intuitive user interface. Impact zones, protective action distances, and initial isolation are all

easily visualized on top of Google Maps® with live traffic and weather – with simple workflows.

The SMR App provides critical situational awareness and vital site information to Incident

Commanders and First Responders – enabling better decisions. SMR includes Points of Interest

(POIs) that fall within the effected zone.  Incident maps with impact zones of chemical releases

involving TIH’s can be shared by email during an event so that each team is working off the

same visual information. Each event can be saved to a user’s profile for review later.

 Key Features:

 •       2016 ERG Integration and Map Visualization of IID and PAD

•        Live Internet Weather and Traffic with Points of Interest (POIs)

•        Create and share incident snapshots via email

•        Unified Login for SAFER One RT™ Users

•        Quick Reference ERG pages and the entire ERG content in PDF

For more information, go to mobile-response/

By SAFER Systems LLC

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