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Repeater is the audio player which supports “A-B Repeat” function. The player uses the media files in iTunes Library. You can use it for a simple music player because it easily adds songs in your iTunes Library to a playlist or deletes songs from a playlist. Also you can use the A-B Repeat function for learning foreign languages.

– A-B Repeat function
– Keeps playing after the program closed
– When the program starts, displays “Now Playing” button.
– Supports rewind/fast forward
– Supports multiple playlists management.
– Supports repeat mode and shuffle mode.
– Shake to delete all items from your playlist.
– Displays album artwork.
– Sets rewind/fast forward interval
– Supports Track-Lock mode.

How to use A-B Repeat
1. Press the A-B button at the point where you want to begin.
2. Press again the A-B button at the point where you want to end.
Then A-B Repeat is set.
# If you want to clear A-B Repeat, press again A-B button.

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Download from Itunes

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