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Do you ever think its too complicated to enter a reminder in apples built in reminder app? Do you struggle with it all the time not to mention the amount of button clicks you have to do to enter a reminder

Well wait no more, To-Do List – Easy Reminder is the most easy to use reminder app available in app store.

* Features
* Extremely easy to use reminder app
* Built with simplicity and common sense
* All reminders are automatically sorted by date
* Select from 20+ custom reminder sounds (in-app purchase)
* Sync reminders between devices (in-app purchase)
* Get notified even if app is not running
* Create unlimited reminders
* Create daily, weekly, monthly or yearly reminders
* You can change the sort order
* Multi-delete reminders in one shot
* See Day / Night icons right next to your reminders so you know when something is due
* We show night for times between 6:00pm – 6:00am. For rest we show sunshine icon.

(IAP required to unlock items)

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By Saliha Bhutta

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