1. Flash CS5 SWF Preloader Sample File by Bellaonline

In the new FlashR CS5, AdobeR has included a few sample files to help you get started on your projects. For example, the Preloader for SWF sample file, is a basic preloader for any project. Let’s take a look.

2. Flash CS5: Create Simple Flash Preloader: Tutorial

Create simple preloader (using flash cs5, action script 2). ActionScript code 6:00 and 9:16

3. Create a Preloader in Flash CS5

In this series of video tutorials, I add a preloader at the beginning of the Flash timeline, a “skip intro” button to allow the user to bypass the introductory animation by taking him/her to the end of the animation, and an external loader, added to the end of the timeline, which will load the actual website.

4. How to make a progress bar in Flash CS5 ?

Hello, this article will see how to make a progress bar that is in Preloader Flash CS5 to your site! This is a continuation to the article “How to make a web page in Flash CS5 -ActionScript 3.0.

5. Flash CS5 Text Gradient Fill Preloader

We will be working with actionScript 3.0 so you will learn how to create a gradient fill effect inside the text using a mask and adding a stroke out line text, and we’ll talk a little bit how to edit your own gradient color and add to the swatches then you can use many time you like or in many projects as well and also you will learn how to draw a butterfly with the pent tool and final how to animate using the motion tween and the 3D rotation tool. So here are the previews, it’s gonna be amazing!

6.  Making a flash preloader in no time !! Using Adobe CS5 / As 3.0

Using a sample file and tweaking it just that vee bit , we can create a flash preloader in a snap by Mohit Manuja

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