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PowerTracker Mobile is a simple Power Tracker App for iOS Devices. It try to track your remaining Power of each Device and notifies you about changes, but its main purpose is to list all the other Devices using PowerTracker Mobile, so if you install it on your iPhone and iPad you can see all the Devices in one Place and get notified when you should recharge a Device. You can check this from the App itself or use the Today Widget with a list of all your Devices available, and PowerTracker ;mobile keeps this all in sync over iCloud.

For this to work you need to have iCloud Drive enabled.

PowerTracker Mobile does not track your Battery in live mode, instead it relies on iOS to check periodically when the App is in background running.

Whenever it detects a Battery lowerage, it sends a Notification to all the other Devices listed so each one will know it.

PowerTracker Mobile Russin best in background, so once you launched it, close the App and let it do its work, so it checks periodically for the current Battery Percentage and if it has fallen since the last check, it saves this value and syncs it via iCloud to all the other Devices using PowerTracker Mobile so they will know and inform you as well about this.

PowerTracker Mobile also has an Apple Watch App inside, this will bring App Content from your iPhone to your Apple Watch, alongside with the Apple Watch Battery listed all in one place. Whenever your App Content updates, your Watch will be notified as well to reload itself…

By Serge Sander

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