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1, you can take to learn the piano
2, there are a variety of audio, including marimba, electric bass, guitar, etc.

Christmas is coming, download piano to play with friends.

I love paino
by Alianagraycesmommy – Version 1.3 – Dec 2, 2012

Paina is fun

by Poopysandwich – Version 1.3 – Dec 1, 2012

Good when bored.

I love u
by Shahin21 – Version 1.3 – Dec 1, 2012

so I gave 5 stars

by – Version 1.3 – Nov 28, 2012

I love to play piano at home and on the go. This is an easy way to show my friends what I learned when I’m out and around and not at home. This is awesome!

by Elijah peoples – Version 1.2 – Dec 12, 2012

Love it

By ZongMing Yang

Download from Itunes

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