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Make custom photo cards, collage or decorate your photos with thoughtful or funny captions, frames or annotations shapes, images and stickers and share them on Facebook or email.

★★ Now make photo collage and cards with image search, remember birthdays and send printed or digital photo cards to your facebook friends.

★★ Upgrade to Photo Captions Premium and get
– 22 custom fonts
– tons of premium media ( thousands of more choices )
– Feathered edges, glow borders on photos
– Several new and cool Photo Effects
– Import your friends’ photos from Facebook and make them scary or funny and put it back on Facebook and tag them

★★ Dont save or share standard photos anymore. A picture is worth a thousand words, but add a few captions and annotations and it is much more.

★★ Tap on photos and objects to select and scale and rotate with 2 finger pinch

Photo Captions Other Features :

o Tap outside the object to deselect.
o Greeting Card: select a card background and then add your photo(s), text and shapes.
o Load Multiple Photos: add more than one
photo on a card/photo background.
o Text captions align automatically to fit text.
o Frames, Shapes, Text and Cards are categorized
o Objects can appear on top of frames: tap object to bring to front.
o Flip Captions and Objects
o Font Colors
o Landscape mode is fully supported
o Several Bug Fixes
o Smaller watermark

Contact us at [email protected] for any help, suggestions or feedback

Don on a new look with hairstyles, mustaches, goatees, and beards. Accessorize your face with masks, sunglasses, hats etc.

Express your moods with emoticons and captions selected from an extensive library of objects such as notes, thought/speech bubbles.

– Text annotations for captions with a library of colorful text objects:
– Thought bubbles
– Speech bubbles,
– PostIt or just
– Plain text on transparent background.

– Shapes to decorate your photos
– Emoticons
– Balloons
– Confetti
– Custom text messages

– Face Accessories
– Mustaches
– Beards and Goatees
– Masks
– Sunglasses and Frames
– Ear rings
– Wigs
– Many more to try how you app

– Photo frames: to frame your valuable pictures.

– Camera Roll support: Add annotations, frames and captions to existing photos from Camera Roll.

– Facebook integration: Share your funny captions or your face decorations with your friends.

– Try out different hair styles or jewelry and find out how they look on your faces.

– More object library updates.

– App will work with iPod Touch with loaded photos to edit, annotate and publish to Facebook.

With the Free version you have unlimited access to all the features and some of the library of frames, cards and objects available in the paid version. A watermark is added to the saved photos at the lower section of the photo.

By Sprite Labs

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