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Opine Pay pays you to opine.

Just share any articles on select websites with Opine Pay and then opine about them.

A list of websites from which you may share articles is displayed after you tap “Article Sharing” in Opine Pay’s menu.

You may also opine about content shared by others.

For each upvote (green arrow) you get, your payment is equal to the amount of money Spotify — on average — pays musicians each time their songs are streamed (pay per stream.) As of October 8th, 2019, that amount is $0.00473 (USD) according to Digital Music News.

If you get any downvotes (red arrows,) the upvotes you’re paid for decrease.

Opine Pay pays you using eGift cards.

In no particular order, listed below are the gift cards you may choose from:
– App Store & iTunes Gift Card
– eGift Card
– Target Gift Card
– Walmart eGift Card

Apple, Amazon, Target, and Walmart are not sponsors or associated with Opine Pay in any manner.

To receive your eGift card, you go to the “Account” section of Opine Pay and tap the “Transfer” button located at the bottom.

You will be prompted to select the gift card you want and subsequently to provide an email address to which the gift card should be emailed.

If all goes well, you will finally see a message specifying when your gift card will be emailed to you.

Opine Pay has a vocabulary. It’s impossible for you to successfully use a word that’s not in Opine Pay’s vocabulary. The purpose of the vocabulary is to make it impossible for anyone to use words that are widely considered to be inappropriate.
Because some people tend to create usernames that contain inappropriate words, Opine Pay requires that the username you choose be part of this vocabulary too.

Opine Pay’s vocabulary is not perfect: there’re some appropriate words it may not contain. If you fail to use a word that’s appropriate, just add it to Opine Pay’s vocabulary and you will be able to use that word henceforth. However, other people will still not be able to use it unless they add it to the vocabulary too.

To add a word to Opine Pay’s vocabulary, tap “Add Word” in the menu. If you don’t have a Wordsmith License, you will be prompted to purchase one for $0.99 (USD). If you have a license, a form will be displayed for you to enter and submit your word. If the word you enter is considered inappropriate, you will still not be able to use it.

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