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:: Protect your private notes with Note Lock
:: Safely store and manage unlimited secret collections
:: More exciting and fun with pencil + eraser animations
:: Create new notes, add pictures, and save to the app
:: Lecture notes, business notes and secret notes
:: Personal diary on your iPhone

– “The pencil feature and the dust is amazing!”

– “Great app to put my thoughts in and keep them for only my interpretation.”

– “I get carried away, i write the littlest detail like, what i had for dinner, etc. It’s so easy to use. I strongly recommend.”

– “Just wrote my 10 page term paper on this bad boy, love it. Just copied and pasted and emailed it to myself and made all the font adjustments there.”

– “I have tried at least 20 other apps and this one is the best.”

– “Does all I want and more, worth the money.”

– NEW! Lock Type: Folder Lock, Super discreet in iOS11 folder style.
– NEW! Surveillance system, enter wrong passcode or pattern 3 times your recorded security camera will appear.
– NEW! Anti Intruder System, any break-attemp will captured with photo&video and date&time.
– NEW! Self-Destruction, 5 chances to correct passcode. After that, the app will automatically erase all data in this app. (Default is off)
– NEW! Back up passcode to your e-mail.
– Lock2 Technology: Passcode, Pattern lock and new folder lock!
– Lock when inactive.
– Double account to fool intruders.

– NEW! Better Note search ability
– NEW! Photo Gallery, tap and hold to view full photo or save to camera roll!
– NEW! Sort your note by date / month
– Photo attachment: add and drag your photos
– Font Selection: More than 300 fonts available
– Email sharing

– Theme selection: more than 10 themes
– More fun with pencil and eraser animations
– Support landscape orientation
– Discrete app name

BENEFITS from Note Lock
– For business purposes
– Secret ideas or information
– Private journal with pictures and description
– Class lecture
– Love letter
– And many more…

By i-App Creation Co., Ltd.

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