Do you wonder how is it technically possible that YouTube and other streaming websites let you watch gigabytes of content from all over the world? Moreover that there is over a billion monthly users like you. It would not be possible without dedicated servers.

About 10 years ago servers with 1 Gb uplink which changed 100 Mb servers were considered a breakthrough. Exponential grow of internet data flow brings nowadays customer needs for

speed to different level.

Example of that is a new company which focuses only on dedicated servers with unshared 10 Gbps uplink. Their daily flow of 250 Gbps only shows that clients requests for 2 x 10 Gbps or even 4 x 10 Gbps uplink are not unique anymore.

Market with dedicated servers is still full of small providers offering mostly maximum 1 Gbps uplink or those seemingly offering 10 Gbps but shared which makes it almost impossible to use the whole speed for customers.

Leaseweb, Softlayers and OVH are wellknown providers of such a connectivity where clients get the full speed.

Nowadays also joins these companies in providing guaranteed 10Gbps connectivity per server.

Competition in the market intensifies as it sets a new standard to quick set up within one day, monthly billing and 24/7 technical support. But number of reliable providers still can be counted on fingers.

10 Gbps is not even a standard on the market yet and already there are discussions about enabling 100 Gbps.

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