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Introducing navpad for NAV Karaoke Keluarga. navpad allows you to select and search your favorite songs in your iPhone while you are singing in NAV Karaoke Keluarga in Indonesia. This application is the official app from NAV Karaoke Keluarga.

Key functions are as follows:
– Quickfind : to find any songs quickly by typing part of the song titles and singer names.
– Play, pause, repeat and stop the currently playing song
– Toggle between music and vocal version of the playing song
– Play 8 different sound effects to cheer your friends
– Control the microphone and music volume with key control
– Access your song queue list including move to top, move up, move down and delete song.
– Shuffle your song list.
– Check the latest new entry and top charts
– Select songs and singers by alphabetical order
– Check the latest playlists

This app is not supported in all NAV Karaoke Keluarga branches. The supported branch will have NAVPAD Ready logo.

Supported devices so far:
– Apple iPhone iOS 8.0 or above

By Miko Lesmana

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