1. Network Utility Pro

Stuck in an area away from your computer? But still need to check your website or server status? Now with Network Utility you can check on your precious website or server status from anywhere that you have internet or cell phone reception. With a variety of features, Network Utility is the sure tool for anyone to provide terminal-like network tool support with the ease of an iPhone GUI. Whether you’re a network professional or just a blogger, checking up on your server has never been so easy!

2. Network Ping

Network Ping is a software test tool for maintaining and debugging network problems on a local area network (LAN). Get an easy view for a full subnet on a single screen.

Look at the screen to the left displaying the status for devices – Green and the device is working, yellow, there is a problem, and red, the device is not any longer on the LAN. Need telnet access to a router, no problem, a Telnet console application is also included.

3. Pingdom

Pingdom iPhone app lets you connect to the Pingdom uptime monitoring service and view the current status of the servers and websites you are monitoring. It is a handy companion when you receive an error alert from Pingdom.

4. ZeptoPad

ZeptoPad3.0 is a note & whiteboard application with which you can draw vector images.

In addition to handwriting, more drawing tools are in this version, such as rectangles, circles, arrows, and connectors. OpenGL is newly utilized for higher processing speed.

5. Web Tools

Web Tools provides various functions for working with domain names. Perfect tool for web masters.

The IP Lookup screen allows you to view information on a domains such as the ip address, hostname or location to view on Google Maps. You can also perform a detailed ping and visit the site.

The Whois screen allows you to easily check the availability of a large number of top level domains and view their Whois information. From here you can see the domains registration details and Nameserver information.

Easily keep track of the best domains by quickly setting them as a favourite.

6. PayPal

Use the PayPal iPhone® app to send money to your friends and family, transfer money between PayPal and your bank account, and lots more. It’s faster and easier than going to the ATM, writing checks, or sending gifts the traditional way. You can even use it to manage your PayPal account – anytime, anywhere.

• Send cash gifts, collect money for a group gift, or repay a friend.
• New “Bump” feature is a fun new way to exchange contacts or send money. Just touch your iPhone to someone else’s, and it’s done.
• Check your PayPal balance, withdraw funds, request money, and more.

7. WorkTimer

How long have you spent on your various projects? How many hours are you going to bill your client?  For those of us who work on several projects for several different clients, now you can keep track of your hours on your iPhone.  Simply click the play button to start the timer, click again to stop the timer.  You can shut off WorkTimer and it will still time you, and let you know on the icon that you have an active project.

You can adjust the time that you spent (for instance if you worked on it without using the timer.)  Finally when the month is up, you can email yourself (or anyone else) a monthly report of all the hours worked in the projects.  All within a simple to use interface!

8. Analytics App

Analytics App is the premier app for Google Analytics you’ve been waiting for! Analytics App gives you access to your Google Analytics data from anywhere, so whether you have a spare minute at the park, or need to share some data during a meeting, this Analytics app puts your Google Analytics at your fingertips.

9. Palettes

Palettes is a powerful iOS productivity tool for creating and maintaining color palettes. Turn your iOS device into a portable color creation tool. Now you can create a color palette anywhere at anytime. Great for creating color schemes. Grab colors from a photograph, a website, or add colors using any one of 5 color models. Quickly find matching colors with support for many different color schemes.

Palettes comes in one of three levels: Free, Basic, and Pro. The Free version can be upgraded from directly within the application to the other levels giving you greater functionality. When you first install Palettes you get the Pro level for free. After a limited number of launches of Palettes you will automatically revert back to the Free level. You can upgrade to another level at any time before or after this demo period.

10. iMy

iMy is a full MySQL client for the iPhone. It features the ability to generate complex queries without ever using the keyboard.

Save queries for future use

Ability to upload large queries from a desktop machine right into iMy to avoid typing.

11. Photobucket

App Summary: Take Photobucket with you on your iPhone! Use this app to capture all your special moments and upload directly to your Photobucket albums. Upload existing media from your local camera roll or new shots (and videos on 3Gs) straight from your camera. Looking for entertainment during moments of downtime? Check out our Find Stuff categories or search our billions of photos. Easily download images to your device for use as wallpapers, contact IDs and more. Share with others via email or grab image URL links to post on your blog or favorite social network. Manage your Photobucket albums and show off your collection in full screen.

Version 2.2 includes geo-tags! E.g., you snap a picture of a famous monument or building, and geo-tagging recognizes your location. When you geo-tag the photos you take in the app, your location is automatically uploaded with your photos so your friends and family know where you were!

12. Ego

Ego gives you one central—and lovely—location to check web statistics that matter to you. With support for Ember, Feedburner, Google Analytics, Mint, Squarespace, Tumblr, Twitter and Vimeo, you can quickly view the number of visits to your website (including daily, hourly and monthly numbers), feed subscription totals and changes, how many people are following you on Twitter and more.

No more visiting a bunch of websites, logging in and out, all that nonsense. Ego supports as many widgets of each type as you want, so you can check all your stuff in one go.

13. CSS Cheatsheet

Even seasoned web developers need a quick refresher course in CSS properties and values from time to time. CSS Cheat Sheet for the iPhone is designed to address that need. Use it as a quick reference for topics you’ve already learned but need a few reminders on, or if you’re still a beginner to CSS, use it to better understand what CSS has to offer.

This is a native app, not just a link out to internet references. It’s searchable and has an easy to use interface that helps you quickly find what you’re looking for. The categories are useful and well defined. The cheat sheet includes descriptions, values and examples for backgrounds, borders, classifications, dimensions, fonts, lists, margins, media types, outlines, padding, positioning, units, colors, tables, text, selector types, pseudo-classes, pseudo-elements and selector patterns.

14. Adobe Photoshop Expres

Adobe Photoshop Express software lets you use simple gestures to quickly edit and share photos from your mobile device. Enjoy having your photo and video library right in your hand — without wasting your device’s valuable storage space.

Photoshop Express is a companion to Photoshop.com, your online photo sharing, editing, and hosting resource. Create a free Photoshop.com account to upload and store 2GB of photos and videos online.

15. FTP On The Go

An FTP client for the iPhone and iPod touch. All the features of a desktop FTP client and more; a very powerful app.
With FTP On The Go, you can fix your website, and view files on your FTP server, from anywhere.

Out of the office and need to edit a file? Need to view the latest document on the server? Have to upload new photos when on location and don’t have an Internet connection on your laptop? FTP On The Go can do them all, and more.

16. Evernote

Evernote turns the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad into an extension of your brain, helping you remember anything and everything that happens in your life.

From notes to ideas to snapshots to recordings, put it all into Evernote and watch as it instantly synchronizes from your iPhone to your Mac or Windows desktop. See why millions of people worldwide use Evernote:

17. iWiki

Read and browse Wikipedia easily on your iPhone or iPod Touch. With perfectly formatted articles, outstanding features and excellent usability, iWiki makes it easy to search and read Wikipedia on your mobile device.

– Wikipedia in 32 languages
– Outstanding article formatting in portrait and landscape
– Back/forward buttons with saved reading locations
– Saving of Wikipedia articles for offline viewing
– Quick search and full-text searching
– Links to sections of the main page
– Built-in image viewer with captions
– Built-in table of contents viewer, and much more….

18. MobileCan

MobileCan is a query and database management tool for PostgreSQL databases.

Features include:
Pick tables, fields, or SQL keywords dynamically when building queries
Browse table definitions, field types, and index definitions.
Server management. Get the status of running processes and kill long running processes.

19. PHP Cheat Sheet

Even seasoned PHP developers need a quick refresher course in PHP functions and syntax from time to time. The PHP Cheat Sheet for iPhone and iPod Touch is designed to address that need. Use it as a quick reference for topics you’ve already learned but need a few reminders on, or if you’re still a beginner to PHP, use it to better understand what PHP is capable of.

20. CameraBag

Dramatically enhance your photos using the many classic camera and film simulations in CameraBag. It’s like having a dozen unique cameras all in one app!

CameraBag focuses on emulating styles and processes from some of the most interesting cameras of the past to enhance the mood of an image, and the results are stunning.

21. Web Developer Bible

The title of this app says it all, handy reference for all web developers. It also includes RGB to HEX color convertor, so no need to google or search for color converters in your system.

22. FontShuffle

FontShuffle is the fastest mobile source of typographic inspiration. 650+ font families are sorted by visual similarity. Without any previous knowledge about type design, you can quickly discover 6 typefaces of similar style in just two taps by navigating the simple category menu. Choose the list view to examine up to 24 similar typefaces.

Shake the results list to throw new alternatives into the mix and bookmark up to 5 favorites to remain fixed in the view. Display your preferred font in a customized sample text and topple the screen to have a look at the basic glyph set. Use the style button to see Italics, if available.

23. Full Screen Web Browser

*THE ORIGINAL* Full Screen Web Browser has redefined mobile web browsing. Downloaded by over 95,000 iPhone users around the globe, Full Screen has been a top utility app in several countries. Grab a copy and see for yourself what others are raving about!

24. Read It Later iPhone

Read It Later lets you save pages to read later, even without an internet connection.

The RIL iPhone app provides complete access to your reading list wherever you are. Read It Later can download offline copies of your pages so you can still read when you are offline or in airplane mode.

25. Dropbox

Dropbox is the easiest way to sync and share your files online and across computers.

App features:
– View photos, videos, documents, and presentations in your Dropbox on the go.
– Save photos and videos taken with your iPhone’s camera to your Dropbox, including HD videos on your iPhone 4!
– Share and send files via email, or copy and paste links to share with another app.
– Export Dropbox files to other iPhone and iPad apps, and much more…

26. Things for iPhone

Things is a beautifully focused and amazingly intuitive task manager. Other todo applications either oversimplify or are too difficult to use. Things instead offers the perfect balance between ease of use and powerful features.
Effortlessly manage to-dos, notes, due dates, and projects. A smart today list and the scheduling feature allow you to work as effectively as possible – every day.
You can even sync wirelessly with the desktop version of Things (sold separately) using Wi-Fi.

27. MiniBooks for FreshBooks

MiniBooks puts the popular web invoicing software FreshBooks in the palm of your hand. Manage your clients, send invoices, run timers, and record payments, all while on the go. Plus, MiniBooks fully synchronizes with your FreshBooks account, so you have access to your account even when you’re off the grid. All this for less than FreshBooks’ monthly subscription fee.

28. WhatTheFont

Identify the fonts in a photo or web graphic!

Ever seen a great font in a magazine ad, poster, or on the web and wondered what font it is? Whip out your iPhone and snap a photo, and WhatTheFont will identify that font in seconds!

Instant gratification

WhatTheFont for iPhone connects directly to MyFonts’ acclaimed WhatTheFont™ font identification service, which has been helping customers pinpoint mystery fonts at the MyFonts.com web site for 10 years. It works via Wi-Fi or the mobile phone network, so you can get your font fix right there on the spot.

29. BlogPress

BlogPress is fast, easy to use, rich featured blogging App for iPhone, iPod Touch and also iPad!! Now you can write your blog or travel log on the road, share news and photos with your friends in real time!!

And now, BlogPress can also work with your favorite social networks: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Picasa!!

Video Demo on YouTube: http://bit.ly/IPIsH

Highlighted Features:
* Now!! BlogPress is an universal app: Optimized both for iPhone/iPod touch and iPad, buy once and work for all iOS devices. The latest update also support iOS 4.0 fast switching and TextExpender(a very popular app for iOS)
* BlogPress come with VIDEO UPLOAD. Please setup your youtube account, BlogPress will upload your video and insert it directly to your post! and much more…

30. Color Expert

We built Color Expert from the ground up with the creative spirit in mind. Designers of all types, regardless of their medium, have a common thread—and that common thread is color. We use it to be loud, quiet, bold, subtle, soothing, frenzied and sometimes just to stand out. But working with color can be difficult away from the studio.

Case in point. You’re visiting a client and they want a good color combo to go with PANTONE 123 C. These things can take time. Especially if you have to go hunting around for swatches in your color books. You know, the ones you left back at the studio.

Well, not to seem too dramatic, but with Color Expert, it takes about 15 seconds and 8 taps. Make that 9 taps if it’s not already running. Sure, you’ll want to play around with it after that. It’s actually kind of addicting. But what a great place to start.

And how about building your Spring Collection’s palette from that flamingo you saw at the zoo? Well, you can get started on that one in about 8 taps as well. Suddenly your design begins the moment inspiration hits you, no matter where you are.

31. HEX RGB Colors Guide

Colors RGB and HEX Color Code Reference Guide
Colors gives you an easy reference to RGB and HEX color codes.
A wonderful reference app suitable for anyone who deals with colors, including: web designers, bloggers, print designers and virtually anyone who uses colors to publish.

32. 1Password for iPhone

1Password is an award-winning password and identity manager with more than 1 million users worldwide. NOTE: There are now Pro and iPad editions of 1Password available in the App Store. Please compare the features of these editions before making the purchase.

1Password will securely store your important information and can automatically log you into websites with a single tap. There’s no need to remember the username, password, or even the website address.

33. Palettes Pro

Palettes Pro is a powerful productivity tool for creating and maintaining color palettes. Great for creating color schemes. Now you can create a color palette anywhere at anytime. Grab colors from a photograph, a website, or add colors using any one of 5 color models. Quickly find matching colors with support for many different color schemes. You may create and store any number of palettes.

34. Harvest for iPhone

The iPhone is a revolutionary mobile device, but more than just a great consumer product, it’s also an increasingly useful tool for professionals and businesses.    Today, we’re excited to announce Harvest’s contribution to the iPhone user’s productivity with an optimized time and expense tracking experience for your iPhone.

35. DatabaseViewer


·Synchronize data Wirelessly (3G, EDGE and WiFi) with iPhone.
·Synchronize only updated data to iPhone.
·Apply SQL Select queries, Filters, Sort the fields and Push data according to it.
·Supported Databases: MS Access, MS Excel, FilePro ,Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, CSV, FoxPro, dBase and any ODBC Compliant Database.
·Data is secured as AES Encryption is used.
·Transfer database View and Stored Procedure result data to iPhone.
·Transfer and view unicode database such as Russian,French, German, Spanish, Korean etc.
·Make a phone call for the selected field’s numeric contents, which will be treated as a phone number.

36. Color Stream

A beautiful color tool for the iPhone, Color Stream lets you create and store color palettes, that are either created from scratch, or generated from a photo, or even auto-generated using our built-in color schemer (which supports analogous, monochromatic, triadic, and more!).

37. Byline

Read the latest news from your favorite sites and blogs, even when you’re offline. Simply use your free Google Reader account to subscribe to websites you’d like to keep track of.

Byline will automatically stay in sync and bring you new content, putting thousands of RSS and Atom feeds at your fingertips. Even when you have no internet connection (such as on the subway) Byline’s offline browsing feature gives you instant access to complete web pages.

38. HTML Colors

HTML Colors allows you to easily select and preview colors for use in a web page. This program is useful for web developers who want to experiment with colors for their web sites.

– Select Text or Background
– Use the sliders to change the color values for Red, Green, and Blue
– Use the “Sample Text” area to see how your colors work together
– Use the “Random” button (or the “I feel lucky link” on the main page) to get a random set of foreground/background colors

39. Color Splash

ColorSplash lets you quickly and easily give photos a dramatic look by converting them to black and white, while keeping your chosen details in color. This effect draws the viewers’ attention to the colored areas, creating striking images.

40. TouchTerm SSH

TouchTerm is the de facto standard SSH client for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

TouchTerm is a complete, polished SSH terminal application, with a slick iPhone interface that includes:
– Proven, rock-solid performance: TouchTerm is driven by the industry-standard OpenSSH open-source library, and has clocked months of daily usage by a massive user base
– Top-notch App Support: full in-App debugging logs are available, and our support team will quickly address any issues you might encounter
– RSA/DSA public key authentication


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