Since its introduction in 2007 Android OS has conquered mobile world. It can be found on majority of smart phone devices across the globe. And Open Source nature of this operating system makes it attractive for wide developer community. Be it for app development or day to day use. Having noticed that many developers are using Android apps for development related tasks we decided to create list of most popular apps related to web development Android smart devices. Here is your list.

WebMaster’s HTML Editor


Webmaster’s HTML editor proves to supply you with one of the best ways to edit pages on your mobile. It is quite handy during your time away from the computer yet remaining productive throughout your travels. There is a free and a paid version available on the market to provide you with ample material to make your choice. The choice is rather easy to make when you handle the app itself as you can see the simplicity of the interface and the ease of access and use of its tools. It is even provides you with simple code completion, allowing you to work faster even on your mobile.
Supported formats include: js, htm, html, html5, dhtml, css, php, php3, php4, php5, txt, and xml


Droid edit

Though not strictly developed for just web development, DroidEdit (pro and lite versions), provide you with seamless transition between web development and source code editing. It has a great html viewer and quick editor providing you with quick access to sources available at your disposal. This is also perfect for integrating code into your web designs as well. The core measure of the tool is its stability and quick response rate even with the use of a Bluetooth keyboard.

Java Quick Reference Cards PRO

Java Reference Cards

As their slogans say, there are billions of devices and pages that run with java. Java has become one of the universal languages of the web and of software. It has increasingly been instrumental in the development of the richest web pages available on the Internet today. As such, there is a great need for developers to learn and implement java. With this handy guide, beginners and veterans alike have a complete and detailed tool in helping themselves get familiar with the java code and serve as a study booklet or a review material for work. This app delivers the information in the simplest and most organized way.

HC-16C Programmer’s Calculator


This app is must have for all developers and programmers who do hard core web development. It has functions as conversion between decimal, hex, octal and binary; bitwise logic; flag setting and testing and many others. Created by Jochen Hammer – known German developer this calculator comes in very handy for everyday developer maths.

Android Web Platform

Android Web Platform

Web development is not over after writing the code. The grueling part is over and an even more tedious and possibly longer process in the debugging of the web designs and applications embedded on the website. The android web platform allows you to develop and test your web apps straight from your phone or tablet. This also provides a great environment to create offline web applications that you can incorporate later to your web designs. The best part is it is native to android. This makes this as universally accepted and used by as many android users around the world!

HTML Pro Quick Guide

HTML Pro Guide

Web developing is hard work. Especially to the part of the brain that holds your memory. Memorizing each and every tag, flag and description is an impressive feat, but many people cannot live without their little cheat sheets for the stuff they are likely to forget during development. That is what the developers had in mind when they created this handy app. Not only does it provide you with a complete and detailed library of every tool and information you need for html design, it also provides any novice with neat tips and beginner information that is perfect for those starting up in the business.



AndFtp is well known and probably the best FTP client for Android powered devices. Once you have a need to connect to remote location by using one of the following protocols: FTP, SFTP, SCP, FTPS AndFTP is the app you wanna have. Heavily used by developer community and has many nice features like permissions setup support on FTP server, authentication prompt to avoid storing FTP login/password on device, SSH RSA and DSA private key authentication support and many others.

Android Web Editor

Android Web Editor

Web design is best done with your ideas flowing freely and seamlessly from your head, to your hands, and to your editor. Optimized for the small mobile phone, the app provides you with quick access tools for your basic tags in web development. Tags and code are color coded for easy review of your work as well as provide a clean interface for that cluttered page of codes. It provides useful features such as line numbering, search by code, ability to change your hotkeys, and the ability to run the code in the appís servers providing an excellent tool in writing and debugging the code.

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser

After you have made your web design and have uploaded it to your host of choice, you would want to see what it looks like for everyone. On mobile, the sites are usually reflowed and shown differently than the desktop view. To work around this issue on your mobile, there are a few browsers out there that support desktop view. The Dolphin browser stands out amongst them. With a variety of tools that provides you with the simplicity of mobile while providing the sheer power of the desktop browsers, you cannot go wrong in using this feature packed browser. There are even several plug-ins available that may help in your web development projects.

Web Design Blogs List

Best Design Blogs List

Technology is free flowing and is rapidly improving with the help of the Internet.  It is the duty of a web developer not only to rely on what they have already learned, but also in what new things they can learn. This particular app provides the user with a great newsletter and blog viewing tool that helps them keep up to date with the latest codes, tricks, glitches and fixes available on the net. They can learn new things that they have never covered before and even find inspiration for their current work. There is always a place for new things in the world of technology. It is in our best interest to absorb what we can and keep up with the fast changing world.


This post is by Shabda Raaj from He builds amazing apps for Android.

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