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Hey there – have you ever enjoyed a film in the company of good friends, a spouse, or significant other? Deciding which movie to watch always goes pretty smoothly, right? … WRONG! Figuring out what to watch when given a seemingly limitless number of options sucks, a lot…. until now!

moviElect is an all new app for iPhone and Apple TV that will take the suck of deciding what to watch and turn it into a super fun virtual card game with friends. So here’s how it works:

* Each person fires up the moviElect app on their iPhone and connects to your Apple TV, also running moviElect.
* Browse through movie cards, swipe up on the ones you like and watch as they magically fly from your phone to your Apple TV screen.
* When everyone is satisfied with the movies you’ve tossed onto the TV, click a button on your Apple TV remote and moviElect will spit out a winner in seconds.

And that’s it! Once you’ve got a selection, head over to your movie app of choice and queue it up.

The days of coming to blows with friends over how to spend Friday night are over. Say goodbye to an awkward evening on the couch with your husband/wife, one of you silently seething at the other because you’re stuck watching Bride Wars instead of Star Wars. Put the conflict to bed by just letting a computer make the decision for you.

moviElect – because life is too short to spend time deciding what to watch.

By Atlantia Software LLC

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