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The Mobilewalla app for iPhone, iPad and iPod, is a consumer guide for navigating the vast mobile app universe. The Mobilewalla app, along with its sister site,, is a deep search and discovery engine which helps consumers navigate the vast and rapidly growing mobile app marketplace.

The universal Mobilewalla app scores and rates every app, and every developer creating apps for the iPhone, iPod and iPad. In addition, Mobilewalla offers its users a number of fun, interesting and useful ways to slice and dice the app universe, such as viewing apps in order of relevance, age, or “hotness” in, and across, all categories.

Mobilewalla offers its users extensive search capabilities as well as a number of ratings lists. The four types of searches on Mobilewalla are: name-based search, category-based, search by developer and most importantly, a keyword-based free form search (fantasy baseball, birthday cupcakes).The rating lists include a variety of useful ways to view the app world: New Apps, Hot Apps, Fast Movers, Star Developers and All Time Greats.

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